Monthly Archives: March 2007

Mar 18th Deer Valley

Spring madness in March. Big time! It was almost like skiing in the summer. We met up with Jesse and JJ for a mellow Deer Valley carve day. Got some sun, some fresh air and a killer lunch at Empire lodge. I’ve ranted once before about carvin’ it up at DV on the Nature of… Read More »

My Very Recent Life

Alrighty I’m behind. I realize that my last SBP blog post was on March 9th…when I was Spreading the Alta Love. The powder went away so I stopped the storm rides & explosion face shots and went back to super charged work binging. Yep, I’m good at those. Doin’ time to get ‘er done. Danette… Read More »

Spreading the Alta Love

On March 7th I had the pleasure of introducing two great people to Alta skiing and Little Cottonwood Canyon. Whenever I describe to folks the difference between Alta and other Utah ski resorts it sums it up nicely to simply say “On a storm day everyone in line knows one another”. It has a true… Read More »

Ski Photography Contest February Winner

Well the voting polls are closed and results in …and the winner has been announced for the February 2007 Ski Photo Contest! I’m dang impressed with this photo by Brett Pelletier. The skier is Brian Menzies and he’s tagging Monte Cristo in Little Cottonwood Canyon. To get a full view of this photo click… Read More »

Mar 2nd Alta

I took Thursday, March 1st off from ski riding, but the report was a good one from the people I talked to. The skiing’s been real nice this week in the canyon. It was a good call for me to wait until Friday (March 2nd). For one, I got tons of work done. Also, we… Read More »