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Thinkin’ About It

It’s late April 2008, and she’s thinking about crawling 🙂

Oh no, KC’s ranting, too

…And I quote:

“Ski Rant: I know more than you do!”


“Current conditions at a closed Utah resort. Support ski areas that are run by skiers, not by real estate developers!” Posted April 20th, 2008…

Ski Utah Link

An old friend (Kendall) who is the man behind the Ski Utah Blog added links recently for both Ski Bum Poet and the Alta Ski Forum at AltaCam. I guess I’ll have to make sure and keep better ski logs here next season! Whether or not we make the move to the Finger Lakes, I’m […]


Well there are a lot of things to RANT about. Everyday I think about them. Yet I can’t seem to find the time to post here. Such is life…what with our start up phase of an innovative, progressive and technology driven Affiliate network and all. Opps. Wrong term. “Affiliate network” is thrown around daily by […]