Monthly Archives: September 2009

Talk about sobering..

Avalanche Skier POV Helmet Cam Burial & Rescue in Haines, Alaska Jesse posted a link to this video on the AltaCam skiing forum recently, and I just had a chance to watch. It’s about 8 and a half minutes long. With the avalanche occurring in view at skier’s right around 1 minute 17 seconds in.… Read More »

Lay Down Your Burdens

We’ve been getting to know The Avett Brothers band (and family) over the last several months. So I thought I would post a couple of my favorite song clips from YouTube that I’ve found so far. This is the same song, “Down by The Riverside”, on both clips. This was originally recorded by Louis Armstrong… Read More »

Then I fell back asleep…

The other morning there was a mule buck with 8 points eating a plant on the steps, right out side our bedroom window. I watched him from 4 feet away through the screen. There was another mule deer playing with Ellie’s swing at the same time, in the moonlight. The buck eating the plant looked… Read More »

The Art of Observation…

…and how my wife saved us over $300 by Eavesdropping. Yesterday we went down to Babylon (Orem, in this case) to take advantage of the killer sales at RC Willey. Although I hate Babyon, I will say this: It’s worth the trip to this retailer on Labor Day if you want to save some serious… Read More »

My DtB Footage

Donna show in Victor at the Knotty Pine. I would have followed up earlier but Danette beat me to it about our trip in general to the Teton Valley, so I’ve been lazy. Well here is a short, three minute clip of “Broken Record” from that night. As always we weren’t disappointed a bit. It… Read More »