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Alfred, NY Conflagration

I was sad to learn yesterday that businesses and student apartments were destroyed on North Main Street in Alfred…the small town in Alleghany County, NY were I went to college. NO ONE WAS HURT although 13 students lost everything…not to mention the long standing businesses that were destroyed.

This is especially difficult for me because it brings up some hard memories of my own. Although nearing 20 years now since I graduated from Alfred University in 1993, I experienced a bad fire there as well on November 5, 1992.

After a night of staying up REALLY late (and no, it was not a night of studying), I was sleeping it off in my off-campus apartment around noon when I woke to a phone ringing and quickly realized my loft was full of smoke, and a wall was on fire. There was no time for me to get dressed. Instead I made sure all the other tenants knew, then ran down the snowy street in bare feet and boxer shorts to the police HQ. By the time I got there and turned back to look (less than one block away), I could see flames coming out of my roommate’s window. No one was hurt in that fire either, but that will be an experience that will forever stick with me, and in fact I still get a little jumpy around flames.

My heart goes out to the people affected by the fire yesterday, but it’s important to be thankful that no one was hurt. As such, it will be much easier to move on…

Photo courtesy of The Evening Tribune

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3 comments to Alfred, NY Conflagration

  • Wow…..I hadn’t thought of that in a while. I was sleeping in my room @ 2 Mill when the Alfred Fire and Rescue came into my room to evacuate us.

    I remember our kitchen which faced your building was like 120 degrees.


  • Crispin

    Pavlik had my favorite Northface jacket and lost it in that fire!! But the most important part of the story is the material stuff can be replaced (wearing a Northface fleece as I type) but my boys all made it out safely! Unfortunately, we had a similar incident at Hartwick and I lost friend in that one…

  • I remember it well Gary. I believe my brother was the person that called that day. The yest of the year was a blur after that and we were spread all around the campus. Thank God that everyone was safe from our fire and this one.

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