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Don’t mess with scientists, Senator McCain

Ok, so the other day I did a Google search for “SkiBumPoet” and started checking through the SERPs. I’m always curious about who’s linking to my sites, and (aside from some other suggestions in Google’s webmaster resources) this is a good way to find out.

I was amused to say the least that I found one site that tagged SBP as one of “Utah’s Best Blogs“. Ha. Even more amusing, they had me listed under the category of “Politics Blog”. Double Ha! (I didn’t even have a Politics category, until today) But I guess [semi-retired] ski bums and poets can be pundits, too. So does this mean I should post again about politics? Alrighty then :)

People who know me well, know my thoughts on the Iraq war. It’s no secret that I want it done with. Over. Ended. Period. Should not have ever been there in the first place. However, that said I’m not against a stepped up presence in Afghanistan. I think it’s only sensible to go after the people who actually attacked us in 2001. This whole deal in Iraq has been a complete and utter disaster. And if you don’t think that the war in Iraq has anything to do with our current economic situation, think again. But that’s not the point of this post…

What I thought to share was a Yahoo! news article I just read about how McCain alienated many thousands of scientist around the country during the debate when he stated the following about Obama’s earmark spending:

“[Obama] voted for nearly a billion dollars in pork barrel earmark projects, including, by the way, $3 million for an overhead projector at a planetarium in Chicago, Illinois. My friends, do we need to spend that kind of money?”

Turns out, a lot of people think we do. This is no ordinary overhead projector from your 5th grade classroom. As the Yahoo! piece points out “Alan Boyle’s Cosmic Log has a great summary of the uproar”. Whoa. Pretty significant blunder on McCain’s part, if you ask me. Further more…the Adler Planetarium issued a statement about that comment from the debate:

“To clarify, the Adler Planetarium requested federal support — which was not funded — to replace the projector in its historic Sky Theater, the first planetarium theater in the Western Hemisphere…. To remain competitive and ensure national security, it is vital that we educate and inspire the next generation of explorers to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math.”

Nice work Maverick.

I admit Barack Obama’s policies aren’t perfect or ideal, but they are much less imperfect than “that other one” we have to choose from right now. During the primary season I was ready to write in Ron Paul on election day, but now I plan to support Obama.

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10 comments to Don’t mess with scientists, Senator McCain

  • Jesse

    If they need a projector in Chicago let them pay for it themselves. I don’t wan’t to contribute. Obama isn’t qualified to be president of a Girl Scout troop.

  • GBM

    Please. And Sarah Palin is qualified? That’s a laugh.

  • Scott

    So you’re going from supporting a way right wing libertarian conservative to a way left wing socialist? Sounds like you have some solid core beliefs. Ha.

    If you’re willing to ignore that Barack is a flat out redistribution of wealth socialist who sat under a racist preacher for 20 years and launched his campaign in the living room of a domestic terrorist, William Heirs, you might want to check your own glass for some of that Kool Aid you mentioned in another post.

  • GBM

    Obama is going to lower your taxes ;)

    You just highlighted the only two exaggerated talking points against him. The same two we’ve been hearing for three months.

    As far as who I support, I said it above. Bottom line for me is that the war in Iraq ends. That was the strongest appeal for me to Ron Paul. Whoever is going to do that gets my vote. The Iraq war is a joke, and it did nothing to make us safer.

  • Scott K

    40% of the people in Obama’s 95% of people who are going to get tax cuts don’t even pay taxes. Which is pure redistribution of wealth. Not to mention that the top 10% of wage earners already pay the vast majority of the taxes in this country. Guess what? Those terrible rich people are where the jobs and capital come from in this country. I seriously resent the class warfare rhetoric of Obama and the Democrats in general but apparently that’s what gets them elected.

    So Obama having multiple ties to seriously sketchy people is a exaggerated talking point but the nitpick stories about how terrible Sarah Palin is aren’t exaggerated? That’s a laugh. I’ll tell you what if it comes down to a battle of talking points, I still say the talking points about Obama are quite a bit more alarming then the ones about Palin.

    As far as the war in Iraq, you say you support a stepped up presence in Afghanistan but you want out of Iraq. So let me get this straight. You want to leave Iraq now even if it means destabilizing the region and not finishing the job right, but you support going back to Afghanistan because we left early and didn’t finish the job right? So will you support going back into Iraq once that country is in the same position as Afghanistan is now?

  • GBM

    How does 40% of our population not pay taxes? So you think the economy should be stabilized and driven from the top down, and not from the bottom up (like a fundamentally strong and sound business is built from the bottom up)? After all, the rich and powerful must know what’s best for everyone else. That’s the bottom line difference with their tax policies. Keep the economy strong (or better yet, build it up…based on where we are now) from the top down, or from the bottom up.

    McCain’s (and Bush’s) tax policy reminds me of that drinking game “Asshole” that we used to play in college. The president gets the asshole’s best two cards, just cuz he’s the president. And the asshole has to take the president’s worst two cards, just cuz he’s the asshole. The asshole never has a chance to improve his/her social status in the game (and ends up down, out, trashed and wasted…after all, it is a drinking game ;). Once a president, always a president and vice versa. I don’t want to live in that society, and that’s where we’ve been headed.

    Iraq… The region is worse off now than when we went to war there. You described perfectly the mess the US caused. Should never have gone in the first place, and now we shouldn’t leave because it could mean more damage to our oil interest over there. That’s great. The Iraqis are going to have to handle it on their own now, though. Their all grown up, and actually quite wealthy. Ron Paul was right about this war. And so is Obama. It’s been a disaster.

  • Scott

    Let me start with a quote from Ron Paul to emphasize what I was trying to say in my last comment.

    “I always wanted to ask Obama who runs these “evil corporations” and if he thinks robots are in charge or do real live people benefit when corporations get tax cuts? CEOs are people, too. And they spread their capital around very efficiently. That’s how they got to the top, by making smart choices.” -Ron Paul

    As far as the 40% not paying taxes question. We already have a heavily progressive tax system. Which means the more you make the bigger percentage of your income the government takes. The lowest 40% currently pay little or nothing in income and social security tax. So when Obama says he’s going to tax companies and people making over 250k more and give the middle class a tax cut, a big portion of those middle class people don’t pay any income tax in the first place. So he’s essentially giving them a handout. Handouts don’t give people an incentive to do better. I could easily provide examples that show it has the opposite effect. This is a little dated but it gives a recent enough break down of the current tax burden breakdown in our economy.

    I support a flat consumption tax (national sales tax) in conjunction with abolishing income tax. I think we should get rid of income tax and evenly tax consumption across all citizens. The more you consume the more you pay in taxes. I know neither candidate is supporting this idea but you’ll never see a Democrat support this idea because class warfare is their bread and butter.

    As to your comment about our current state under Bush being like that game you played in college. You know first hand that’s BS. If that were true that would mean no entrepreneurs would have created their own successful companies in the last eight years which is completely ridiculous. The idea that saddling people and companies making over 250k with even higher taxes is going to give lower income people a new chance at success is totally flawed and untrue. As is the idea that the government can help make you successful. Let me re-emphasize this point. If a person looks to the government to make them successful they will NEVER be successful. The fact is there are a lot of people in this country who simply don’t have the desire to work harder and create their own success. Government can’t do anything about that. Conservatives want everyone to be successful too, but they believe the best way for that to happen is for the government to get out of the way.

    Top down, bottom up. Depends what you mean by those broad terms. Sounds like Obama by the way ;) Seriously though lets just put this into a practical example. Almost every startup company requires an investment to get started. That investment comes from companies at the “top”. So even though you’re starting your company from the “bottom” so to speak you get your capital from the top. The more the government takes from the top the less those companies have to invest in new small businesses, public traded corporations, etc. In an increasingly global economy having the second highest corporate tax rate in the world is just plain dumb and Obama wants to tax corporations more. If our government continues down this path you can hardly blame companies and investors for taking their business and investments elsewhere in the world and that’s exactly what will happen.

  • I love this Blog! So many interesting topics to discuss..

    First- “If they need a projector in Chicago let them pay for it themselves. I don’t wan’t to contribute.”

    Have to say i agree with this. My Sons baseball team is going south in the spring to play ball and they need lots of money. Do you think Obama will get us that money? Nope, it’s called have a FUNDRAISER!

    “Please. And Sarah Palin is qualified? That’s a laugh.”

    Sarah Palin is not running for President. John McCain is, and i’m pretty sure he has proven he has experience.

    And let’s just say the worst did happen and Sarah Palin did become President due to the death of McCain, it’s not like she goes at it alone. Do you know how many advisers a President has? LOTS!

    We didn’t have any problem putting JFK in the oval office and he didn’t have much experience. But he did just fine leading us through the Cuban Missile crisis.. And he is one of the most beloved President we have ever had.

    Now on to the fun stuff..

    Obama is not going to cut taxes. His plan is that 95% of us who make 250k or less won’t have a INCREASE. Which means they stay where they are right now.. But then in 2010 Bush’s tax cuts drop off and seeing the dems won’t make them permanent we will go back to Clinton’s tax plan which is HIGHER taxes. Funny how Obama doesn’t talk about this. BUT, when he was asked about it his reply was, well it’s not a tax increase, it’s a tax cut dropping off.. lmao! yee haw!

    Scott is correct, 40% do not pay taxes. I’ll try to find the link and post it here so you can read it.

    And how can anyone “fully” blame this economy on Bush? I’m not saying he has done a wonderful job, as there are many things i am disappointed with, but let’s not forget a few small things that this President has had to face. 9/11, the internet bubble bursting.. I’m sure these little things only had a small impact on the economy.. Please!

    Up until a few months back our economy was thriving! The Stock market set all time highs… The Tax cuts helped this happen. It allowed people to control more of their hard earned money.

    BUT with every good thing, comes the bad. People who were borrowing more then they could pay back, more houses were being built then we could put people into. Banks were taking advantage of people by allowing them to borrow more then they can afford. I love how all of this crumbles when the democrats are the majority but yet Bush gets blamed for it. Thank you Barney Frank! Idiot!

    Our Economy will come back. We are the United States of America and we always stand back up. I just hope lessons have been learned so we can keep things like this from happening again.

  • GBM

    Mike, all your great content is helping my blog rankings in search engines in a huge way. thanks brother :)

  • Well then i will have to stop until you tell me you love Sarah Palin :-)


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