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I’m over it. At least what we’ve come to know as driving. We went through the first year, with our first baby, 25 miles round trip (and about 1500 vertical feet) from a grocery store. Not complaining, we knew what we were getting into. It was fine, in fact great, when it was just the two of us (and we both had jobs away from home). But dang, it’s pretty far driving in to Heber on a near daily basis. Time to re-think.

Of course this doesn’t include the driving we do to hang out with friends, or ski at Alta.  It’s an awful lot of time in the Tacoma. I think I can speak for Danette as well when I say we have had enough “day-to-day” time in a car, for a lifetime.

Driving back from a killer ski day of cold smoke and sun in Alta yesterday, I was really REALLY making some people mad. And it was because I was going the speed limit on I-80 – 65mph. I was sore, tired, content and relaxed. Just obeying the rules that our “culture of obedience” maintains so thoroughly.

So all you “hurry up and wait’ers”, please read this:

I have recently acquired a TomTom GPS in car navigator. Amongst its many astonishing features, it has a display on it that shows you your estimated arrival time for the route you are traveling … Now here is the kicker; I used to routinely travel at 130% of the speed limit everywhere … I thought that I was keeping myself alert and saving time. My TomTom, however, disagreed. In fact anywhere I traveled (and I routinely drive more than 100 miles) I would only shave off 5-10 minutes of the estimated arrival time! 5-10minuts of time that is then wasted because I wasn’t late to start off with!

Since then, I adopted a new way of driving, I never speed.

5 reasons to drive slower:

  • Save gas.
  • Save lives.
  • Save time.
  • Save your sanity.
  • Simplify your life.
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2 comments to Driving

  • jen

    your moving again! have you considered kamas/francis? anywhere from a 30 second to 15 minute bike ride into town for your daily grocery fix…or hit costco once a month like me. plus, it’s a heck of a lot closer to Alta than upstate and not to mention closer to danettes P’s house and we would love to have you guys as neighbors.. there are some bargains over here now. just a thought.
    p.s. i think i might hold the record for the slowest driver ever..just ask my hubby.

  • GBM

    Jen, ya never know. We do like the Kamas valley. Was actually our first choice, before we bought in TL…but timing wasn’t right for what was available then.

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