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“Fatski” Marley

One of my favorites from Lee’s new site. I think it’s Dave McChode… 😉

Photo by Lee Cohen

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3 comments to “Fatski” Marley

  • Gary – couldn’t find an email address for you, so I’m sorry for putting this in the comments – feel free to delete if you’d like.

    Anyway, I was just checking out SkiBumPoet…it made me a little depressed to be sitting at a desk in San Francisco, but other than that, it’s very cool.

    I have been working closely with the re-launch of the crazy active ski discussion forum and we’re just getting the new site off the ground. As part of the launch, we’re holding a contest to give away some free gear and lift tickets, including a pair to Deer Valley. I was hoping you and your readers might want to take advantage.

    I have a press release and more information if you’d like any, and would appreciate hearing back on what you think. Any spreading of the good word would be hugely appreciated. Thanks a lot – take care,

    Dan Gill

  • GBM


    Thanks for the note. No worries…

    I know EpicSki well from my days working at I was the Affiliate Manager there several years ago.

    Now I run (and co-own) The Backcountry Affiliate program is way better there 😉

    Going to drop you a line about a few things,

    Gary M

  • Ann

    And I already finished to ride this season. Broken hand.
    I look on this fotorgafiyu and breathe.
    I want on snow!!!!!!!!

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