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It’s been fun…

I was asked recently to post why I support Obama/Biden, and I said I would. But I think this is getting to be a little too much, so I’m done debating politics on this blog.

Sorry all, but I’m going back to content about Utah powder skiing and fat skis. (specifically, my 09 Volkl Gotamas that are on the way!! :) )

If you want to know why Danette and I are supporting Obama, read his biography.

Thanks everyone for your time, passion and contributions.

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8 comments to It’s been fun…

  • MOM#2

    Thanks Gary ,you can now concentrate on the only important thing that you can make a real difference in FAMILY! LOVE YA.

  • Scott

    I don’t blame you. It would be very difficult to come up with valid reasons to vote for Obama.

  • GBM

    Yeah, all of about 60% of the electorate are having that problem ;)

  • As a life long Republican I am voting for Obama because I want change and I want my brother back from Iraq.

  • After a conversation with some friends over dinner the other night I came to the conclusion that it would be constructive to state my reasons for voting for Obama. You may disagree and that is fine all I ask is that you consider that I have put thought into this election. You may dispute my judgment, but I’m doing this to show my support for Obama not my angst for McCain.

    I support Obama because he seeks common ground in social issues.
    He favors abortion rights and supports Roe v. Wade. He said “I trust women to make these decisions, in conjunction with their doctors and their families and their clergy, and I think that’s where most Americans are.” and I agree.

    Obama opposes gay marriage but also opposes a federal constitutional amendment to ban it, as well as a California effort to ban it; supports civil union supports gay adoptions. I like his stance on this issue. He is willing to compromise rather than build walls.

    He wants to invest in early childhood education. Wants to negotiate pay performance programs with teachers, prioritize recruitment and offer professional development. I like what he said here regarding teachers and standardized testing… “They can’t be judged simply on standardized tests that don’t take into account whether children are prepared before they get to school or not.”

    Mr. Obama advocates spending $15 billion a year for the next 10 years to develop alternative-energy businesses, which he says will produce millions of new jobs. Opposes drilling in the Arctic; says oil companies should exploit existing leases before new areas are opened to drilling. We need to get off the oil and invest in renewable resources!

    Senator Obama says America must shift its defense resources from Iraq to Afghanistan, which he sees as ground zero for any war on terrorism. He also promised a diplomatic initiative with regional allies, and even foes to seek a more stable Iraq. I agree with his statement that you can not force Democracy on people. They have to embrace it through their own will. I like that he was one of the few that had the clarity to not vote for the war in Iraq. I feel that he is more willing than the other candidate to use diplomacy rather than policing the world.

    These are the issues of most importance to me. Of course I could go on and write many more reasons to support Obama, but I’ll spare you. Now go vote…

  • Dan

    As a friendly canuck, I’ve been following your politics closely too, as the decision on Tuesday will trickle its effect to little old Canada too…eventually. Don’t get me started…

    But I agree, it’s time to think about snow and fat skis, in my case the Rossignol S7 Caballero. I’m impatiently waiting for more snow here in Whistler, Canada.

  • GBM

    Chris Matthews, 9pm 11/04/08: “Once again, in a few minutes, the world will look at us with awe and wonder again.”

  • Mike

    Just wanted to say that was a nice post Danette. If he comes through with the promises he has made, then i don’t see why he won’t be a good President.. I just hope all the people who listened to his promises hold him accountable for them.

    I got to the polls around 8:00 (they opened @6) and in the 2 hrs they were open, more then 200 people already voted. They said it was a record to have that many voters that early.

    It was the most exciting election so far in my life. I am glad i was around to be a part of it. People have no idea how lucky they are and what a privilege it is to VOTE!

    Ok i am outta here.. Have a good night everyone! Goodnight America, where ever you are.. :-)

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