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Now I’ve Done It – Timberlakes Utah Home For Sale

I went and listed our place for sale on We’ve been playing with the idea of trying out a new place to live. Actually it’s not much “playing” anymore, I think we’re pretty committed. The thing is I can work from anywhere these days as long as I have broadband Internet and a room of my own (my workdays get intense, to say the least. Sorry to D :~).

So we figure why the hell not. I look at it as an opportunity to go out and about and live it up, farm it up, the way we want to now (no growing season up here), instead of regretting that we didn’t do it later. I’d rather not snap out of it in ten years and wonder why it is that we had a chance to go and live/work anywhere, and we didn’t. Our first stop will likely be the country side of Tompkins Country, NY. Near Ithaca. But shoot, with the price of gas and where it’s going we’re talking more about a spread in town with sustainable living emphasis in the house and out.

Yes we’ll miss Alta and the powder. What kind of a question is that? But it’s all good because I’ll still be cranking on AvantLink, ranting on Ski Bum Poet, workin’ on AltaCam; and D will still be documenting life on Peas & Love. Oh and we’ll be leaving our touring and fat skis at Jesse’s house. (or somewheres on the Wasatch front) Won’t be needin’ those at Greek Peak, where Elliephant may be learnin’ to turn.

If things work out like I have them planned then we’ll be back in Utah at least some of the time, maybe up the PowMow way instead of in the stinky city and urban sprawl zone. Give us 3-5 years on that, though.

So that’s that. The place is on the market. This is my first attempt to sell it on our own. I have a few more tricks up my sleeve, so stay tuned. Here’s the listing on Craigslist:

Timberlakes Utah Homes – 1 Acre Lot

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2 comments to Now I’ve Done It – Timberlakes Utah Home For Sale

  • KC

    That’s it! You’re officially mad. The east coast is a great place………to be from. I think you need to spend less time with your computer and get some more actual social interaction. Come hang out so we can talk you out of it. Can’t you keep the sled, ski powder, wear patchouli, and grow veggies in Huntsville????

  • Glad you commented. Helped me notice the spammer above your comment that I’m about to delete.

    At any rate, I will be in Huntsville or close to there anyway. Give me a few years on that, though. I’m setting up a life in both Utah and NY b/c we have families in both places. And I won’t be denied 🙂

    This is just a stepping stone in that process.

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