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Please help us find Adah

Our beloved Kuvasz, Adah, went missing on Friday morning (10/10/08). And since this is a blog about Utah skiing, and it’s likely there are a lot of Utahns reading it, we’re asking that folks please keep an eye out for her. She wandered off from Timberlakes, in Lake Creek Canyon. And it’s my firm belief that if she’s ok still, she’s looking for us in the rugged canyon, as hard as we’re trying to find her.

If she got herself lost, and not hit by a car, shot by a hunter, or torn up by a Cougar; she’ll either surface in Woodland/Kamas area, or somewhere west of our development in Heber Valley. Thanks, all…for watching out for our lost dog. The flyer below is up around the area…

[Click Photo For Larger Version] and PLEASE CALL 435-785-8067 if you’ve seen her

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7 comments to Please help us find Adah

  • Jen Coon

    Oh Gary I hope you find her!

  • I’ll keep an eye out over here Gary. Have you sent anything (a link to this post or a flyer) to the Wolf Creek Pass “neighborhood”?

  • GBM

    Kendall, Thanks buddy! She hasn’t come home, yet. Actually, Scott and Jen Kalbach put some of those flyers up towards the pass and around bench creek, etc. Dang dog is probably have the time of her life eating Elk carcass, and hanging with her dog relatives in a sheep herd.. and here we are worried sick. Thanks again, for keeping an eye out. If she got herself lost she could easily turn up in your neck of the woods.

  • Alison

    I’m so sorry, Gary. One of the worst nights of my life was when two of our dogs were missing. We found them the next day (they had traveled quite a ways from home, so look far and wide as well as close to home), but it was tough.

    Please keep us posted.

  • Rhea

    Gary, I’m so sorry Adah has gone missing. This has always been one of my greatest fears with our pets. Be brave and have hope that she’ll return and never wander off again.

  • […] NINE DAYS ROAMING THE UINTAS!!! ..and she was waiting on porch when we returned from a weekend trip to Amalga. […]

  • Alison

    That’s the best news I’ve heard in a long time!! I’m so glad, she’s home.

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