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Steve, thank you for taking the time to comment and address the issues that were highlighted with this post. I accept your apology, and I will accept that an over-zealous fan of your company is to blame for the comment spam. Ill intentions or not, though, the individual did post comment spam. And multiple times on multiple posts on this blog alone. I work in Internet marketing and believe me, what Mike did is certainly not above and beyond what established companies will do to drive traffic and build link popularity. Sometimes it’s the outsourced people who take it on themselves to do this type of thing, and ignorance is not an excuse. Spam is spam.

But at any rate…

To clarify the post for anyone who might be reading it: The Ski Channel Did Not Comment Spam, Mike The Ski Channel over-zealous fan did. This according to the CEOs comment (see below).

I also went ahead and modified the title of the post and post slug by removing the word “SPAMS”.


I’m pretty busy these days, so I don’t make a habit of doing this type of thing. But I can’t resist. The first time “The Ski Channel” comment spammed this blog, I emailed the dude Mike (IP:, from the comment spam submission ( to heckle him a bit. An AOL email. Funny. The email never bounced, so I know someone received it. Since, I’ve received the same The Ski Channel SPAM comment several times, so now it’s time to publicly call them out: THE SKI CHANNEL SPAMS BLOGS.

Didn’t know that posting self-serving comments that have nothing to do with the content of the article is spam? You do now!

Here is the spammer’s logo:

Here is the packaged comment spam from The Ski Channel:

There is a really cool new channel coming to cable and satellite television. It is The Ski Channel. They say they will have everything you can do on a mountain and all mountain activities such as skiing, snowboarding, hiking, biking, backpacking, climbing, basejumping, etc. So little of this is on television now. Lets help these guys make this work. Go to their website and signup.

They have all kinds of contests, info and pretty cool stuff on their website.

How pathetic. Yeah, “Mike”, Ski Bum Poet exists to help you build your company brand for free. Would love to see the people behind this effort out on the High T at Alta someday. I’d run them clean into the wall NASCAR style. Oh, that’s right, they’d likely be wigglin’ their butts down Mambo instead!

Have fun spammers. BTW, I gave you link juice for this post because 1) It will help it rank in Google for your name, and 2) so you’d be sure and see it in your site’s stats package. Keep an eye on this Google SERP: The Ski Channel. This blog post will be in the top ten soon.

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13 comments to The Ski Channel & This Blog

  • GBM

    Follow-up: Mike emailed today and apologized, but didn’t mention this post. Wondering if he saw it yet or not. I a considering opening a dialog and perhaps dropping this post if I feel they’ve addressed the comment spam propagating the web.

  • I don’t who I am speaking to, but I am Steve Bellamy – the founder of The Ski Channel. The person who emailed you is not affiliated with The Ski Channel, but he is a guy who has just wanted to help tell people that the channel is coming. He has done that a lot of times, but I assure you his intentions are good. He loves skiing and thinks the channel is going to help the sport.

    I am sorry if you felt your blog was being hijacked as a marketing tool for someone else. If you would like to speak, please give me a call or give my your number.


    Steve Bellamy
    CEO of The Ski Channel

  • GBM

    Steve, thanks for the comment. To clarify, the Mike I talk about didn’t email me, he posted the same promotional paragraph to at least half a dozen posts on this blog. The comment he posted was not relevant to the topics, and they were comment spam…plain and simple.

    I have modified the post title and edited the original post by removing the word “SPAMS”. I am still hesitant to believe that Mike did this solely on his own accord, but I’ll accept that and your apology.

    Gary Marcoccia

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  • We also have a major problem with comment spam on our blog/news websites. Most of it gets filtered by askiment but some gets through and we delete that.

    The spam makes up about 95% of comments, it is such a pain to delete it aswell.

  • Hey, there is one issue i have had of late. You see i am looking for sites that are relevant to my website and i want to ask them for a link exchange so that we may both mutually benefit unlike spammed comments. But i’m finding that a lot of the good sites that have interesting content do not include any sort of contact details to request this info. I have looked through Ski Bum but cannot find an email address to get in contact with you. So this is my attempt to get a hold of you. My site is apeqs and dot com but you have to put the two together in order to reach my site. Anyway give me a shout at entity333 and gmail and dot com and you need to put them all in a row for you to reach me;)


  • Don’t you just hate continued self promotion, what happened to the days of a blog being about sharing useful information, conversing and so forth? I have seen that Ski Channel spam across various Ski Blogs while posting my trip information and photos.

    I am off to Canada later this year to try out the whistler resot :D, lets see what the slopes have in store for yours truly 🙂

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  • I think you are being a bit harsh on the ski channel, one of the reasons our sport doesn’t get mainstream support or recognition is because of this type of “I am better than you cause I ski Alta” attitude. At least they are doing something proactive in our sport instead of just talking about it. Furthermore if you are bashing them for spamming your blog why do you have 2 links to their site, I checked it out, and thought it was pretty cool. Anyway I know how grouchy some of you altaheads can be so don’t bother writing back if it’s going to be nothing but insults..

  • GBM

    Hey Jedi, Thanks for the comment. I never said their site wasn’t cool. But I’ll hammer down on a spammer any day, no matter who it is. Fact of the matter is I was spammed by them or someone representing them.. and on a number of occasions. I didn’t post this as a result of one comment spam. Besides the CEO contacted me and apologized, so I edited the post.

    As far as why I linked to them.. this is why:
    …it helps SBP show up in Google for a search on their name.

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  • I just love all sports, so found your blog informative. Your blog has been bookmarked, keep up the good work.

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