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Where’s the BUM?!

Sorry. Not that anyone is really waiting for the apology, but I guess it just feels good to say it. So sorry again. I gave an honest go at trying to keep SBP updated on our adventure details from back east, but it just didn’t happen . (Danette did a great job documenting the trip on Peas & Love, though) My effort stalled at Ellie’s First Road Trip, Episode 1 and Trip Episodes 2, 3 and 4 (and more) to come! …HA! That’s a laugh. But I really was sincere at the time I was writing those about posting more rants while back east.

I must say the trip was a little stressful, what with the winter cross country trip, then back. But at the same time it was important. I REALLY wanted Mom and everyone to bond with Ellie.

To shift gears a bit (this is trule Daily Grind), part of what made me want to post tonight is to show off our Alta wedding web site I put together before our day on Sept 20, 2003. Funny reading through that again. I had a lot of energy. And I was so excited to share the wonders of Little Cottonwood with people who had never seen it.

Funny, too…when I went to link up the wedding site from Danette’s lastest blog post on Peas about our first weekend at Alta this year, I discovered a non-functional and bloated post board file. It had been overtaken with comment spam. The HTML file was 16M! Anyways I cleaned it up, disabled the form and now she’s back online (touching comments we’ll always want to save there!). Lotsa good Google food there as well ;).

I especially love the map to Alta Danette hand drew for our guest. Check it out:

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1 comment to Where’s the BUM?!

  • Glad to see that things seem to be going well for you guys and you’re taking time to have fun. Sounds like a pretty crazy trip that you guys did. We did an 18 state road trip over the summer and that was hard with kids. I can’t imagine throwing snow in…that had to be brutal. Some beautiful pics on Danette’s site…makes me jealous 🙂

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