10 thoughts on “Hello Little Hummer

  1. Kathy

    Cute lil fella:) Sadly I saw the last of our lil hummers leavin from our feeder a week ago with a teeeny lil suitcase under his wings headin south 🙁 Will miss em til next year. Psst still have the feeders out tho just in case any late fellas get thirsty along the way.

  2. Sarah Gallagher

    Hey there!

    I love your blog, and this is an awesome picture of a hummingbird. You y’all put feed out to attract the hummingbirds to get these great pics, or do they just sort of hang out around your house?

  3. Gary M

    Kathy, I know what you mean. I think ours are gone now, too. I have been piling up wild bird seed on a wooden platform tho. That’s been bringing some cool autumn birds around 🙂

    Sarah, Thanks for the comment 🙂 That was a lucky pic to get. It was a cold rain storm around this time last year. That little one perched on the wooden chair under the porch, and I zoomed in from 20 feet away or so. I walked around the house in the rain so I wouldn’t scare him off when it was time to go in 🙂

    BTW we do have a couple of feeders hangin from the porch..

  4. Bobby Clash

    How rare to see a hummingbird holding still like that. I’m in Montana and my three little friends are gone. Do they really go south for the winter?

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  7. Gary M

    Cool Angelina! Just posted about the top 100 award 🙂 See trackback comment link above.. GM

  8. Sarah

    Wow!! What a good shot Brother! How sweet that little thing is…

  9. Gary M

    Thanks Sarah. That poor little thing was so cold and weak I was able to get pretty close…just lucked out really 🙂 BTW the sun came out and s/he was just fine.

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