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Tax Payers Fund Palin Kids’ Travel

Yep, great headline. Since there are still people out there drinking the Palin Kool-Aid, here’s another tidbit of news to reinforce her worthiness…

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Gov. Sarah Palin charged the state for her children to travel with her, including to events where they were not invited, and later amended expense reports to specify that they were on official business.

The charges included costs for hotel and commercial flights for three daughters to join Palin to watch their father in a snowmobile race, and a trip to New York, where the governor attended a five-hour conference and stayed with 17-year-old Bristol for five days and four nights in a luxury hotel.

In all, Palin has charged the state $21,012 for her three daughters’ 64 one-way and 12 round-trip commercial flights since she took office in December 2006. In some other cases, she has charged the state for hotel rooms for the girls.

Mavericks rule!

Read full article Yahoo! news…

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46 comments to Tax Payers Fund Palin Kids’ Travel

  • Unbelievable. The PALIEN strikes again…

  • The funniest part, is that while she’s ranting about “socialism” alaska is socialist, owning the resources that provide 80% of the economy. Hope she doesn’t make you all think bad of AK.

  • As a republican, I am not impressed with Palin at all, and I just hope she isn’t the difference in the election.

  • Scott

    This is pretty much a non-story. So Sarah Palin spent 21k buying commercial airline tickets for her and her family. I bet if you looked at the record of just about any governer in this country you would see a lot worse then that. Plus she sold the Alaska governer’s private jet for 2.1 million. Adding in fuel an maintenance costs for a private jet she easily saved the Alaska tax payers 2.1 million+

  • GBM

    Alrighty then, so how about: Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin denied Saturday that she had abused her power as Alaska’s governor.

    The Palin fiasco was/is nothing but a publicity stunt so McCain could get his way. He should be ashamed, but these people are pathological. Many take huge offense to the stunt of naming her as his running mate. Life long Republicans who vote the party line no matter what are backing out of the election altogether. At the same time, Obama is inspiring droves of 18-25 year olds to vote…who otherwise wouldn’t.

    One appearance on a national news show, than SNL. Sorry, but she’s a liability for the country, and a joke.

  • GBM

    Palin going rogue. “Divas trust only unto themselves, as they see themselves as the beginning and end of all wisdom.” Yikes.

  • Scott

    “The Palin fiasco was/is nothing but a publicity stunt so McCain could get his way.”

    Not sure what in the world that is supposed to mean. How is McCain’s VP pick a publicity stunt? Because she is a conservative woman? What do you mean they are pathological? I’m by no means McCain’s biggest fan. He is way to liberal for my taste, but I’ll take a war hero over a socialist community organizer any day.

    You know what is pathological? Putting the party who was largely responsible for what was almost a global economic meltdown in charge of the Presidency as well as Congress and The Senate. It’s a matter of fact that the Democrats fully supported Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in legitimizing the sub-prime mortgage fiasco even in the face of strong warnings by quite a few Republicans. Obama and Christopher Dodd are the two top recipients of contributions from Fannie Mae.

    So you found a couple more negative articles on CNN about Palin. Is that supposed to surprise me? Even the Clinton’s will tell you that most of the main stream media is fully in the tank for Obama.

    As for that supposedly conservative blogger who’s against Palin. Come on. I think I’ve got a quite a bit more insight into how most conservatives feel about Palin then you do and I can tell you that most of them are psyched. Actually, I’ll go as far as to say most conservatives wish she was the top of the ticket and obviously liberals are scared that some day she will be. The very fact that most of the media and celebrities are out to destroy her is evidence enough for me that she’s got a lot going for her.

  • Mike

    “The Palin fiasco was/is nothing but a publicity stunt so McCain could get his way.”

    I have to share Scotts view on this as well. McCain picked the best person to help him get into office. McCain didn’t follow the norm and pick a traditional “safe” running mate. He picked someone who energizes the party and washington. The only reason she is getting so beat up on is cause the dems are scared of her. Finally a decent person who knows what’s it’s like to be a normal person in the United States. About this article on her spending all this money to fly her kids around… there is 2 sides to every story. But i will say i would rather pay to have her kids with her as much as they can be instead of handing Obama 1 mil for a projector.

    I too am not a huge McCain fan. But once again i am torn between the lessor of two evils..

    I am tired of the media being in Obama’s back pocket. Nothing of him ever gets reported. But if Sarah Palin farts it’s all over the news. Why can Obama go on Ellen and dance, but Sarah goes on SNL and she’s liability or a fool? Her going on SNL proves that she doesn’t mind walking right into the fire to put it back in there faces.. Nice to see she has more backbone then most in office today.. They are all more worried about getting re-elected then helping any of us.

    Where is the coverage on Obama’s tax policy? Yes 95% of Americans taxes won’t go up.. UNTIL 2010 when the bush tax cuts drop off. Obama’s response to that……. “It’s not a tax increase, it’s a tax cut dropping off”..

    Bush has not helped our economy. But it’s not all him. The Dems have controlled the house for 2 years now and they have not done ANYTHING! And now there is a good chance they will control it all.. Super Dems on the way!!!! I really hope Americans take a good hard look at what will happen if and when that happens.

    Yes Obama can stand up and talk like the gods.. But just cause you can dress up nice and speak well does not mean you have what it takes. Let’s not all get caught up in the frenzy of good speach.. let’s focus on the issues and press these candidates to not only tell the truth, but to stick to there words.. And we must hold them accountable for there actions…

    Let me end with saying this… Sarah Palin may not have 30 years of congressional experience under her belt. She may not have been at all the club parties that all the Senators and congress people have (at tax payers expense of course). She has been where most of us have been. In the working world trying to make ends meet. Trying to raise her kids in a very harsh world. So if you ask me would i rather have a career politician who has screwed me over for years or a person with fresh ideas and fresh energy lead the way, I’ll take the fresh energy and take my chances with that. Just cause someone has done something for 30years doesn’t make them right.. Chances are very high it just makes them doing what everyone else has done… Very little!

    If America stands up and holds our elected officials responsible for there actions, we would force them to be better politicians…

    Just my opinion of course.. :-)

  • GBM

    Whoa Bixby. Good to see you! :) Thanks for taking the time to comment. Yeah she’s getting worked over, that’s for sure. The McCamp put a nail in the McCoffin when they announced her on the ticket. GM

  • GBM

    And I’ll also add, not sure how I would feel about a “normal person” (potentially) running the country. I’m actually looking for someone quite exceptional to fill those shoes…

  • I’m glad you commented Mike, but… reconsider the reasons why you like Ms. Palin.

    “She has been where most of us have been. In the working world trying to make ends meet. Trying to raise her kids in a very harsh world. So if you ask me would i rather have a career politician who has screwed me over for years or a person with fresh ideas and fresh energy lead the way, I’ll take the fresh energy and take my chances with that.”

    You know you could take away the she and insert he and You would have good reasons to vote for Obama as well. He has been in the working world In the thick of it in fact when he worked as a community organizer. He is raising children in a harsh world. He has fresh ideas and fresh energy. Last of all he is running for President not Palin.

    Nice to hear your voice… ;)

  • Mike

    Marcoccia’s… before i say anything else, i’m glad Adah returned home. I know you both were very concerned and i’m glad it all worked out for the best.

    Gary, are you rooting for Obama cause Ron Paul wasn’t nominated? I know you are!!! lol Personally i wish he was.. I like him more then i do McCain.

    I have to respectfully disagree about putting the nail in the “McCoffin” (lol btw) when they put Palin on the ticket. She is the only reason Obama isn’t ahead by 50 points. The Democrats fear her and that is why all the news networks (except Fox) have been bashing her like crazy. 90% of the reporting from these Obama puppets is on how bad she and McCain are. They are not reporting the news fairly.

    Here are just a few things as to why i’m not fond of Obama.

    – He never would have gotten as far as he had if it wasn’t for Oprah. The fact that someone can make it this far in a Presidential race cause a daytime star says “he’s the one” is pretty sad.. Poor Hillary couldn’t even compete against Oprah.

    – His Spread the wealth plan? Are you kidding me? So the American dream ends once you hit 250k?
    Which btw they have changed the amount 3 times in the last 2 weeks. First it was 250, then he spoke a few days ago and said 200k and then Biden just spoke and said it was 150k..

    So if i go out and work very hard for my money and happen to make more then whatever amount they finally settle on, i can’t keep it.. I have to give it to others. If i wanted to do that i would donate to charity. It’s not the federal governments job to tell me how much i can make and how much i can keep.

    Obama wants a large government with higher taxes. They want to control everything we do. Why do you think the welfare expense is so high? They want people to depend on them so they can do as they wish. And it also makes it so we keep re-electing them..

    We have a 1 trillion dollar deficit and they want us to believe they won’t raise taxes? How can this happen? Who was the last Democrat that cut taxes?

    How about how the democrats attacked Joe the plumber? A citizen of this country asks a politician a question that forces him to tell the truth, and they do that to him? Are you kidding me? It is our responsibility to question our leaders. Now if we do we get hammered on? Not to mention federal computers were used to do research on him..

    Sarah Palin has more executive experience then Obama does. Not to mention he was good at being absent on many of the crucial votes through the years too. Look up his voting record!

    CNN, MSNBC, NBC all have polls inflated. You can’t go by them. They always show the Dems leading.

    My biggest worry is when the democrats control it all, there will be no balance of power, nobody in the way to say hey this isn’t right. They will do as they wish. Which will be raise taxes and increase the size of the government and control us all little by little.

    Yes Obama has also been out working and raising children. I do have respect for him in some area’s. I just don’t agree that he will be a good leader. Gary you mentioned that your looking for someone who is quite
    exceptional? Then why do you feel someone who has less experience then a VP candidate be the one? He has only been in the senate a couple of years and other then that he was a “community organizer”. And plus he worked for Acorn who is out creating fake votes to get him elected.

    On a lighter note, i love debating. I take no offense to anyone who feels Obama is a better choice and votes in that direction. Everyone has an opinion. I’m just gad to see the country is starting to wake up and pay attention. Cause in the end, it is “We the People” who needs to make the difference..

    Too bad you all won’t be home till after the election. We could have our famous fireside chats and debates :-)

    Hope all is well :-)

  • Mike

    Sorry that was so long.. I get so wrapped up in these kinds of discussions lol

  • GBM

    Mike, have you seen this photo?

    Bahaha. :)

  • Mike

    lol that is just wrong!

  • Honestly though, if this was a picture of Obama people would be screaming racism. But it’s ok to be sexist?

    This is why i am so bothered by this whole election. The Smear campaign the left wingers have started is unbelievable. Seems odd that a party would go to such great lengths over someone they don’t feel is a threat..

  • GBM

    What? Doesn’t look sexist to me. A red neck skier, sure. But not sexist.

  • jen k

    yea mike, exactly. i am so sick of all the sexist remarks about sarah palin. it is unbelievable and should offend all women democrat or republican. so much for liberals being “progressive” with their fresh new ideas and energy.

  • GBM

    How is that photo sexist? I see red necks skiing in jeans all the time. And it’s funny to me every time.

  • GJM

    Hi guys bet your suprised to hear from me. Just wanted to comment on mike’s comments. I agree with his thoughts completely, except that i wouldn’t have wanted Ron Paul ( way to liberal for me ) as president. I’d like to make a couple of comments of my own. If Obama becomes president this country will find themselves in a terrible mess. With the promises he has made and the increased spending he is proposing there is absolutly no way he can’t raise taxes. If he dosen’t raise taxes then he will have to borrow more money from countries that don’t really like us or increase the national deficit even more to fulfill those promises. How can anyone in this country honestly be okay with the proposal to take money from your hard earned pay check and give it to those that don’t even work? Obama’s tax cuts, ( what a joke ) 40% of the people who would recieve these tax cuts don’t even PAY TAXES………. It’s very scary to invision the future of this country led by a man who has associated himself with known domestic terrorist, with a minister who inspired him,( who hates this country and white people and thinks that white people created the aids virus to kill black people ), and to live with a wife who only since her husband started this campaign NEVER liked this country. And then to out and out lie about his association with this terrorist Ayres and say he was just a guy in the neighborhood when in fact he actually kicked off his political career in his living room. Now with his minister, reverend Wright, Obama went to his church for 20 count them 20 years and stated that he never heard him make any comments about this country or any negitives about white people, when he strongly preached it weekly. Another LIE. Does this country want a young inexperienced leader running it with all this serious baggage and so much more, that i won’t go into, leading us. Lastly and certainly not least, we must put our national security 1st, if we don’t, what good would any betterment of our economy be if we can’t protect it. What better person to maintain our national security and keep our families save than a man who has literally fought for us his entire life. We have freedom, like what were doing right now, commenting freely, because of brave American’s like our ancesters who helped us to live in a great country like this. Yes freedom isn’t free and yes this person is JOHN McCAIN…………………………. Please understand things could be so much worse and with a leader like Obama thats what will happen

  • jen k

    “The Palin fiasco was/is nothing but a publicity stunt so McCain could get his way.” – Gary

    “Not sure what in the world that is supposed to mean. How is McCain’s VP pick a publicity stunt?” – Scott

    I am still waiting for an answer to this question from Scott.

  • GBM

    You think I’m sexist?

    What I meant is I think McCain didn’t have a chance at winning, so that’s why he picked someone as ill qualified and inexperienced as SP. It was a desperate move. A publicity stunt to energize his failing effort. She’s not even that smart.

    Remember, you’re talking to someone who likes, and would have supported Hillary over McCain.

    So how is that photo above sexist? I’m still waiting for that answer. ;)

  • This picture may have her in jeans, but how about the others that have been made?

    I have seen AT LEAST 30 Palin pics, and only 1 of Obama. It’s a smear campaign. And i’m shocked more woman are not screaming out about it. I mean after all where is Oprah on this? Isn’t she suppose to a big woman’s rights person? Oh that’s right, she is in Obama’s back pocket! Funny how we chose sides when it benefits us…. And not chose sides on what is right.

    I could care less if people like her or not. The woman, just like all woman (who earn it) deserves respect. Sad people get away with making this kind of stuff.. But they are the same people who sit back and say, “uh, what’s wrong with the world today” Gee i wonder!

  • GBM

    We were talking about the picture above. Not others you’ve seen around the web. There are plently of smear tactics and BS on both sides. People calling Obama a terrorist. I love that one. How about death threats by white supremacy freaks?! And in this day in age.

    I welcome the fundamental change.

  • “The term ‘sexism’ is most commonly applied to sexism against women, and expressed by either men or women is called male chauvinism. Related terms are misogyny, which implies a disrespect of women.”

    By removing the original face and pasting a copy of Sarah Palins face on it is a disrespectful, therefore making it a sexist photo.. I’m sure if the image of someone you cared about was put on that or any of the hundred other photo’s, you would have a different view on it.

    I followed the link to the source of that photo and all it’s a total hate page against Palin.

    -Sarah Palin is a dead rapper
    -Sarah Palin killed piggy
    -Sarah Palin farts in an elevator
    -Sarah Palin parks like an asshole

    These are just a few of the MANY listed on that site. You mean to tell me none of these are sexist?

    The reason Obama was called a terrorist was due to who he associates with and then tries to lie about it. If he had nothing to hide then he wouldn’t have lied. Heck we all have hung around with people we shouldn’t have. But any normal person stops associating with them when they find out what they really stand for. Obama is running for President of the United States. The most powerful position in the world, and he hangs with someone who hated this country so bad he terrorized it? Gee can’t wait to see who will in his cabinet.. Osama as Sec of State, Ahmadinejad as Sec of Defense.. Gee too bad Saddam is no longer alive he could have been VP!

    Sadly you are correct on the death threats. But this is nothing new. There are always people out there who feel the need act like that.

    BUT nobody can ever say that there has been an more of these types of things against Obama as any other Presidential candidate. Unlike how it is against Sarah Palin.. And she isn’t even running for President.

    The main problem is the media in this country. People need to start understanding that just cause it’s on TV does not mean it’s true. Obama has the media in his back pocket.. All of them EXCEPT fox news.

    Also you mentioned fundamental. Obama keeps saying this. If you look into it you will find that basically he is saying the main core of our nation (the constitution) is not right. He has stated he doesn’t agree with how our founding fathers set it all up. So he is going to try and change it to what he feels is right.. And if the democrats control it all, there is nobody to stop them.

    I’m sorry, but i think out of all of us today, our founding fathers had better ideas and dreams for this nation.

  • Scott

    Gary, I’m by no means calling you a sexist, but you have to do better then that lame explanation for your publicity stunt comment. That doesn’t make any sense. He picked someone ill qualified? She’s not even that smart? And that is what energized his base? You’re going to have to stop making accusations without backing them up if you’re going to be credible.

    First of all Bush, Clinton and Reagen were all governor’s before becoming president. Palin is governor of Alaska with 25k employees under her. As Danette said she is the VP pick. How is she not qualified with those credentials? She’s not that smart? How so? You honestly think you can go from normal citizen to mayor, to governor of your state to being picked as VP running mate in this country without being smart? Obama has never owned a company, has never had a significant number of employees under him and can’t even make up his mind on most votes so he votes “present”. I’m certainly not going to call him dumb, but he has little to no real world executive experience.

    Danette, I know you didn’t ask me to reconsider, but I’d like to hear some of these “fresh ideas” that aren’t actually repacked, old school liberalism. Liberalism/Socialism is not a fresh idea. Please don’t list his plan to nationalize health care because I can’t honestly believe that you want the same government who has all but bankrupted social security, medicare and our financial system to run your health care. Any other fresh ideas you can tell me about I’d be interested to hear though.

    It doesn’t appear to me that you guys are open to the facts that are being presented to you. It’s a shame because I believe you are making a huge mistake voting for Obama. That’s the main reason I’ve spent all this time posting comments on this blog.

  • GBM

    You guys can honestly sit there and say you would be comfortable with Sarah Palin as President? Actually, never mind. Would be hard to frig everything up worse than it is now. Eight years worth. So I guess she could probably pull it off by screwing up our world status more or starting more wars.

    Mike, that photo isn’t sexist based on your definition. Sexism is prejudice or discrimination based on gender. As far as chauvinism (that’s in your definition, too), you need not go any further than the far political right (and to be fair, far left as well) to find that.

    Actually didn’t look through the “Sarah Palin Clubs Whales” site. But it’s a pretty funny name.

    Post more everyone. I’m learning so much :)

  • Scott, while I appreciate your knowledge and respect your convictions I don’t think you should dispel our choice for the presidential candidate. We did not make up our minds in haste. We have had open minds and hearts through out this whole year trying to learn and sort through the mess that is out there. As I am sure you have. It is not an easy task.

    I can’t spout off all the “fresh ideas” or regurgitate what I have heard on the news or radio. But I stand by my choice for Obama. He has made a greater impression on me then McCain plain and simple.

    I believe in caring for my neighbor and not just my own. Does that sound socialist or heaven forbid liberal? I also believe that creativity, diversity, education and compassion are the foundation of a strong and confident culture. I think Obama encompasses this more than McCain.

    I want change that is why I’m voting democratic. I want congress and the presidency to work together and I want to start seeing results instead of bipartisan gridlock.

    It’s funny because I feel the same for you that you are making a huge mistake voting for McCain. Thank god we live in a country that allows us to make our own independent choices.

  • Scott

    You can’t give me one fresh idea? Come on. Lets base our decisions on facts not just feelings.

    Believe it or not I care about my neighbor too. That’s not socialist or liberal. Citizens and organizations (churches, non-profits, etc.) helping out their fellow citizens is a beautiful thing. People should and do take this upon themselves to accomplish. The government forcibly taking from one and giving to another isn’t compassionate or ethical and in my opinion will eventually lead to making everyone equally miserable as can be seen by societies who have gone down this path.

    In some ways I’ve found myself thinking lets go ahead an let Obama have a chance so people can see what unrestricted liberalism gets us ala the Jimmy Carter nightmare. Which ended up bringing us Ronald Reagan to save the day. But there is too much at stake. For example, once health care is nationalized that will never go away. I am not too psyched about Obama possibly appointing multiple supreme court judges either.

    I respect your opinions too. I think I’ve presented some solid facts. If you don’t think they are convincing there’s not much else I can say or do. Good night and good luck with alllllllll that ;)

  • KC

    Are Scott, Mike, and GJM the same people I argued with over the merits of George Bush in the past two elections. Eight years later and you are still arguing against the evils of the democratic party. The past two elections we were labled godless, unpatriotic, Islamic sympathizers, and in John Mcain’s case the fathering of an interacial baby(ala S. carolina robo calls primaries 2000). Today with the economy at the forefront we are socialists.
    Never mind the fact that both candidates signed the bank bailout giveaway, nevermind Mcain is pushing a home owner bailout for people who got in over there heads with their home purchases, nevermind Palin’s home state of Alaska receives $1.89 in tax revenue for every dollar they contribute. Just don’t spread the wealth! is the mantra.
    Correct me if I am wrong but is the Obama plan calling for raising the taxes on our highest earners from the top tax bracket of the current 35% to 39.6%. Is this really as horrible as you make it sound. We are a nation living under the weight of a tremendous debt, we are fighting two wars, we have a health care system in shambles, let’s face it we have issues. I think we can all agree we have been living beyond our means as a nation.
    I don’t think of Obama as “the One”, a messiah type, who will swoop in and save the country, thats our job as citizens. I do think of him as intelligent, compassionate, experienced, motivating and trustworthy. We have been presented two choices, in my views one has been steadfast, articulate, and positive; the other erratic, angry, and negative. I have always considered myself socially liberal and fiscally conservative. To argue the fiscal responsibility of the Republican party went right out the window with the Geneva convention, a partisan free Justice department, and America’s global standing.

  • GBM

    KC, Damn skippy!

    After reading through all these comments again, it sounds to me like the anti-Obama crowd are all listening to the same radio shows.

    A couple of direct questions on tax policy. And remember, McCain was not in your court before he was a presidential candidate. (FACT:

    Mike: “We have a 1 trillion dollar deficit and they want us to believe they won’t raise taxes?”

    Dad: “If he doesn’t raise taxes then he will have to borrow more money from countries that don’t really like us or increase the national deficit even more to fulfill those promises.”

    So exactly what do you guys suggest we do to handle the deficit then? How do we get it under control so we can STOP borrowing money from China, to fight wars? What spending/programs should be cut? NO ONE agrees on these things. But the money has to come from somewhere, and fast. Where’s it going to come from??

    Fresh ideas. How about creating millions (more, even) of new jobs here at home building wind farms and alternative energy cars? Yeessir. How about incentives for companies to hire here, instead of over seas? How about investing more in education, and technology and science? Gotta spend $$ some money on these investments. Are these investments the wasteful spending everyone keeps talking about?

    How about spending in something other than a cronies war for a while.

    None of you guys complaining about this over exaggerated “spread the wealth plan” (FACT: are even affected by this tax increase! And those that are…we’re talking a few freakin’ points. I for one wouldn’t be whining if I had to part with 240k of my fortune, instead of 200k, in any giving year. I’d be happy and thanking jah that I had the security I did have. And no, I wouldn’t feel differently if I had that kind of money. It’s how I’m programmed. Which makes me compassionate, and I guess to many out there a weakling.

    Danette nailed it above. There’s nothing wrong with helping out your neighbor, or the less fortunate out there. You guys make it sound like all people that are poor make that choice. When in fact most have that status as a chronic condition. It’s nothing they did or didn’t do. They’ve never had the money, or the opportunities to make any money, and dig out of poverty. Especially during the last 8 years. 1/3 of their wages goes to a bus fair to get back and forth to work as a janitor in a hospital or airport. Just because we want to see more equality and fair opportunity, we’re called socialist or lib and yeah, I seriously resent that!

    I consider everyone arguing with us here to be very intelligent. That said you should read and think about “Audacity of Hope”, not because it’s Obama’s book, but because it’s an intellectual narrative that taught me more about our gov’t and the history of this country, then I learned all the way through graduate school. I’ll even send it to you. I think you would all have a different appreciation for Obama and what he stands for and where he comes from.

    He’s got a few issues and I’m sure he’s regretted some of the mistakes. Just as McCain has mistakes. (almost going to prison in the 80s with a crooked banker).

    I stand by what I said above about Sarah Palin…how this whole discussion started. McCain insulted me by picking Palin as a running mate, and I was registered republican at the time (if that even matters). She’s not ready to be President, period. I don’t want “Joe Six Pack” or “Hockey Mom” as vice president. And I most certainly don’t want someone who believes the war in Iraq is a task from god. That’s using her god to justify war; invasion, occupation, killing. To me, that’s scary. And people are surprised we’re hated the way we are over there.

    Like I said above, please PLEASE comment more. Apparently myself, Danette and KC and the rest of the people committed to change still need to be educated…

  • jen k

    didn’t this post used to start with “Since there are still trolls out there drinking the Palin koolaid” I guess you changed that because you realized how mean it was.

    I think there are some valid points on both sides and i get the feeling that some people are taking the debate a little too personal. debating over a candidate is just that, a debate. it is not a personal attack on any one person. No one ever called you guys socialist that i could see. they only referred to Obama as one.

    everyone is entitled to their own opinion. thats what makes this country interesting, as long as we leave the name calling, bullying and inappropriate pics. out of it.

  • GJM

    Gary, In response to your question about how is McCain proposing to handle the deficit. He has stated repeatedly that he would immediately place a freeze on all unnecessary spending. He also wants to begin drilling right away to help this natiion become energy dependent, Obama is against that, and with Sarah Palin’s help and experience in this field, it would help while all the other sources are advanced and put into production, this would decrease our national spending by up to 700 billion dollars a year that we give to these countries that hate us. Obama’s plan calls for increased spending and raising taxes. I’am not a smart man but, it makes perfect sense to me that this approach would be the worst way to go if your trying to help the deficit or the economy. Just to be equal to us, right wingers, all the anti-McCain people must watch and listen to nothing but far left stations. About your comment that none of us are affected by Obama’s tax plan, let me start by saying that we all are affected by his plan. This nation cannot continue to hand out welfare to all the lazy, worthless users in this country, this comes from our pay checks, and now to think that Obama wants to increase that makes me sick. I too am a compassinate person, but only to those who deserve it. To many that recieve it are not deserving of it. Your answer to my concern about giving more to the ones that don’t even pay taxes is, how about showing some compassion. I’am sorry but, how about showing a litttle common-sense, it just doesen’t hold water. I’am sorry guys, I love you all, but your reasoning is leaning socialist you can’t deny that fact. When the government starts taking from hard working people and giving it to those less fortunate to make everyone equal that borders socialism. It discourages people from going after there dreams, from wanting to work hard to make a better life for there families. It will slow America down, who wants to bust there ass everyday just to have those that sit around on there free-housing porches, drinking beer and smoking cigerettes, that are also free, so they can live the same as those that work hard everyday? Regarding Sarah Palin, how in the world would you be insulted by this choice? She is a governor, not to metion the most liked governor in all the states in the U.S., she was a mayor, small town, non the less a mayor, dealt with major oil companies, and won mind you, and has more excecutive experence than all three of the others running for pres. and vice presedent compined. You insinuate she’s stupid! She’s an intelligent hard working women, that comes from a low middle glass upbringing, that worked hard to get were she is today. She is a perfect example of what America is all about. She is a good mother of five children and has handled all the negitive main stream media’s attacks on her, and even her children, with grace and with poise, far more so than I or you for that matter would have. Her experience is more than Obama’s, yet she’s not running for the top office as he is . Were is the concern about his experience? About the war, you and I have discussed this before so I won’t get into that, except to say what I stated in my the last comment, freedom isn’t free and it’s all about freedom.
    The news today now shows his connection with another terrorist, who he associated with, who he had to his home on several occasions, and who he was friends with. This person is a Palistinian who openly states his harsh feelings against Israil. Just another of his shady associations. You propably haven’t heard of this yet because the programing you listen to wouldn’t have reported it. I must say that I agree there will be change if Obama wins the election, but it WON’T be for the good. Final thought, McCain WILL win on Nov. 4th I do have faith in the American people to see through the flashy words, shady associations, and lies that Obama is spreading and promising. Don’t forget to watch the 1/2 hour slot Obama bought for tonight with the 200,000 donations he recieved from anonymous contributers he’s affraid to reveal. Affraid in my opinion because I feel they came from other countries that don’t like us and there trying to get Obama elected. This new association reported on today backs up my theory along with his many other shady friends. We just really don’t no him well enough. Oh yeah, McCain is not G.W.B. so by saying that we don’t need 8 more years of the same is incorrect. Don’t say he voted 90 times for Bush’s policy’s because he also voted several times against Bush’s policy’s. Natually McCain has voted more times than Obama he’s been in the senate for over 20 years longer, and hasn’t voted 123 times as PRESENT like Obama has in only 3 years in the senate. McCain has worked with denocrats and has reached across the isle on many occasions, Obama not once in his career.

  • GBM

    Yes I changed “trolls” to “people” in the original post. Was in a particularly annoyed mood when I put it up, but you’re right. It wasn’t very nice.

    I don’t see any bullying, just good ole fashion fun :)

    Whoa Dad! That’s quite a comment. I’ll read through it later on. :)

    PS/ The photo stays. I think it’s hilarious.

  • I think everyone on here is putting up a great debate. They are making the points and standing by them.. Well done!

    Listen, I’m not a huge McCain fan. I honor what he has devoted for this country and the sacrifices he has made. And i don’t see many that Obama has made. He swooped in out of the blue with little to no record under his belt.

    Now i am not a religious person, but i do find this part from the book of Revelations very interesting:

    states that the anti-christ:
    Will be a man of Muslim decent in his 40s
    Will decieve the nation with persuasive language
    Will possess a massive Christ like appeal
    Will promise false hope and world peace
    Will destroy everything while in power

    And just a few months ago i was watching the history channel and they had one of there “end of the world” prediction shows on and i’m not sure who it was but the world is due to end in 2012… So now if you take the above from the book of revelations and add it to the “end of the world” prediction that is pretty scary.. Seeing Obama’s first term will end in 2012
    (actually Jan of 2013) But still…..

    I didn’t do a whole lot of research on that above info.. I actually posted it in humor.. But i must say, it does intrigue me a little.

    So lets get back on the main topics..

    First, I’m all for helping out those in need. But don’t you think it should be our choice on who we help? Where does the Government get off taking my money and giving it to others. I wasn’t born rich. I wasn’t handed millions. Everything i have i worked my butt off for. And i’m sure the same goes to you all too.

    Obama does have the gift to gab. He reminds me of Clinton. Nobody ever really understood what that man was saying, they just loved to hear him speak.

    Personally i really have no clue on what type of President Obama will be. But i’m very concerned with his policies and his lack of experience. You all trash on Sarah Palin, but put her and Obama’s experience side by side and she has way more. Reagan was a Governor, Clinton was a governor, Bush was a governor… And Sarah Palin is a Governor.. And you say she doesn’t have enough experience? HA!

    About the Sexist stuff, Gary i know your not sexist and wouldn’t do things like that. And i know the only reason that picture is on here is cause you find it funny.. It is funny. My comments about sexism with her is valid though. The things people are doing to her is way out of line. If people don’t like her or her policies or feel she isn’t good enough, i have no problem with that. Put making pictures of her and putting them on nude pics and all the other things is just wrong.. Like it or not she is a human being and has worked her way through life with no special privileges handed to her. I really am shocked that more woman, even if they don’t like her are allowing these kinds of things to happen.

    In the news today some freaks had a Sarah Palin look alike doll with a rope around the neck hanging in a tree.. And people find that funny? My god could you imagine what would happen if that was a Obama doll? BAM! Hate crime!!!!

    And i do have to comment on this:

    “When in fact most have that status as a chronic condition. It’s nothing they did or didn’t do. ”

    I don’t believe this and if you do then you don’t believe in the American dream. I’m not saying it’s hard out there.. It is. and yes there are some that are spoon fed more then others, but we all have the same equal chances of making it as the next person. People choose to take the easy road. People choose to stay on Welfare. Next time your home i’ll take you downtown and show you how many people “choose” not to work. Why is this? Cause the Democrats has made Welfare so easy and lucrative that people use it as a job and not what it was designed for which is a “temporary assistance” program.

    Yes some people fall on hard times, and that is what the program was made for, to help them till they can get back on their feet.. It was not meant as a JOB!

    When i apply for a job i have to take a piss test and pass it before i get it.. These people don’t have to do anything. Why is that? And i’m suppose to keep contributing my hard earned money so they don’t have to do anything? BS!!!!! They should have to take a piss test too. bet that would give us a TON of extra money to help with the deficit.. lol

    I for one am not someone who thinks we should keep drilling. We are consuming more oil then the planet has. And it keeps getting worse. We need to go to alternative fuels. America needs to be the roll model in this area. But this is all another topic.. My post is to long as it is and people get bored of reading posts this large.. lol

  • GBM

    Mike, I’m glad you said you posted that Book of Revelations stuff in humor. You scared me there for a second thinking you were being serious.

    The 2012 stuff is from the Mayans. All cultures have their dooms day predictions. Remember, ours was Y2K. ;) Don’t get too wrapped up in them. I promise, Obama is not the anti christ.

  • Is this the new terror connection with Obama?

    Rashid Khalidi a former spokesman for the Palestinian Liberation Organization

    Khalidi is a professor of Middle East Studies at Columbia University and a longtime friend of Obama’s. Khalidi has publicly criticized Israel, but he and Obama have both said they hold very different opinions on Israeli issues.

    Did the McCain McCamp mention this?….

    “McCain also has ties to Khalidi through a group that Khalidi helped found 15 years ago. The Center for Palestine Research and Studies received at least $448,000 from an organization that McCain chairs.”

    “The Center for Palestine Research and Studies conducted regular public opinion surveys in the West Bank and Gaza with financial support from various foundations and from the International Republican Institute, an organization that promoting democracy around the world. McCain was the IRI chairman when it gave $448,873 to the research group in 1998, according to IRI’s tax return.”


    here’s the article

  • lol heck no i wasn’t being serious about it.. But i do find it interesting. I find a lot of the revelations interesting..

    Honestly we could sit here for the rest of our lives and go back and forth trying to prove why we feel the way we do about our choices. But sadly the real cold hard honest truth is, neither side is going to do anything for us. They all preach about the middle class, but nothing ever happens. Clinton won the election on the sole promise of tax cuts for the middle class, i’m still waiting for it to happen. All of them promise things just to get elected. The only ones they ever pay back are the ones who financed them into the white house. Large corporations, drug companies, oil companies all the ones they say they will go after but never do.

    This is why i love to debate. I love to make people have to actually think or do some research and not get all the information off CNN.. When i debate i too learn many things. Like i said to Danette, i am probably the only person who looks forward to losing a debate.. But as long as i got people interested and thinking then i still feel i won something.

    America is a crazy place. And we as a nation need to start taking back control of this land. little by little we keep losing more and more. Just look at all the stupid laws that are out there. And we pay these people for that? lol

    “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” It’s time this is what we live by and not what the elected officials feel.. And most of all, the foreigners who seek to change all that we are.

    Nice debate everyone! I look forward to the next one.. And please remember to VOTE on November 4th 2008 and most importantly, keep track of what the winner campaigned on and make sure he follows through with his promises.. If he doesn’t, then let’s find find someone who will.. Sooner or later these politicians will get the point! :-)

  • lol ok i do have one more thing to add.. In the forums i run we have had SEVERAL heated debates on this election and someone just researched this and made a post.. Thought it was interesting….

    Perhaps the US should pull out of Chicago?

    Body count: In the last six
    months 292 killed (murdered) in Chicago;
    221 killed in Iraq.
    Who represents Illinios??? Senators Barack Obama & Dick Durbin Representative Jesse Jackson Jr.
    Illinois Governor Rod Blogojevich
    Illinois House leader Mike Madigan
    llinois Attorney Genneral Lisa Madigan (daughter of Mike)
    Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley (son of Mayor Richard J.
    Daley)….leadership in Illinois…..all Democrats.
    Thank you for the combat zone in Chicago. Of course, they’re all blaming each other. Can’t blame Republicans; they’re aren’t any!

    State pension fund $44 Billion in debt, worst in country
    Cook County (Chicago) sales tax 10. 25% highest in country
    Chicago school system rated one of the worst in the country.

    This is the political culture in Illinois from which the Democratic
    Contender comes. And he’s going to ‘fix’ Washington politics for us!

    Have to admit, he does have a point with this.. :-)

  • GBM

    That is interesting, and so are these stats for Phoenix (2007), where McCain is from:


    Forcible Rape


    Aggravated Assault

    Per capita, that’s worse than Chicago’s 6 month figures! Ha.

  • GJM

    Danette, I heard about the Obama Khalidi connection this morning while watching the news, not from the McCain camp. Yes they did report all the information you quoted. Khalidi was on a board with 7 others who recieved funding for research to be conducted in the Gaza and West Bank.
    There is a huge difference between funding a group of 8 researchers who founded this orginization for Palistine research and becoming good friends with a person who was actually a spokesman for the PLO.

    Danette, it just bothers me that Obama has all these connections and friendships with such radical people. Aren’t you the least bit concerned about this man. There’s just something funny about him, I can just feel it. We don’t really know enough about him, in my heart I don’t trust him.

  • GBM

    Ok, so let’s talk about some of McCain’s past (and present) associations.

    Why isn’t anyone talking about religious bigot Rev. John Hagee, the pastor who said God sent Hitler to force the Jews back to Israel? I’ll tell you why, because the Obama campaign isn’t playing that kind of politics. McCain spent more than a year seeking Hagee’s endorsement!

    How about McCain’s relationship to domestic terrorist G. Gordon Liddy? “During the same period that Bill Ayers was a member of the Weather Underground, Gordon Liddy was making plans to firebomb a Washington think tank, assassinate a prominent journalist, undertake the Watergate burglary, break into the office of Daniel Ellsberg’s psychiatrist, and kidnap anti-war protesters at the 1972 Republican convention”, Carl Bernstein wrote recently. They’re still thick as thieves. In fact, McCain was on his radio show just last year!

    Then of course, there’s Keating.

    And to be nice, I won’t detail out the info I have on his running mate. But yes, she’s on my list as well for shady associations.

    Least of all, let’s not forget he’s an adulterer. To wit, “For a guy campaigning on family values, John McCain has broken up a lot of marriages. When he met his first wife, she was married to naval academy classmate of his. After he broke that marriage up, she stuck by him loyally as he went off to war and was a prisoner for 5 and a half years. When he returned to America he had a series of affairs, by his own admission, and dumped his wife and adopted family for a younger, very rich blond.” as you can see McCain is no Saint. In fact if you ask me his past is more alarming by far. But like you said above about our news sources though, yours most certainly aren’t bringing you the details on these associations :)

    Bottom line on this issue: McCain and Obama have both made mistakes in their past, through deeds and suspect judgment in choosing friends, associates and mentors. They will make mistakes again, no matter which one wins. Like most of us they are good, but imperfect men.

  • GJM

    We all have our own opinion’s about past associations each candidate has. Nethier one of us are going to chance the other’s opinion. I will say in defense of my views, that your wrong that McCain’s past is by far worse than Obama’s. Obama’s past is only 46years, while McCain’s is 72 years. The associations you qoute in McCain’s case are during his long political career, in Obama’s case they go back long before his political career began. This tells me that he was interested in these radical type people, and had to share there views or he would’nt have befrended them. I’ve never heard of anyone who has so many friends that he denounces …………….. lol. The latest is the L.A. Times has this vidio tape of Obama at this dinner party with Bill Aryes as they pay tribute to Rashid Khalidi and were speeches were made comdeming Israel. Of course they refuse to show it, WHY? You know if it were McCain it would be all over the mainstream media and in every liberal newspaper in the country and be shown over, and over, and over again.

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