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Undermine my portfolio?!

Can’t resist highlighting a comment from this news article. Feel free to belittle this post. I expect it’s coming. Apparently since I support this health reform I’m a wimpy “Dem” or “Lib”. People of the opposition throw those abbreviated terms around like they’re suppose to be an insult…

Pussa Singh: November 20th, 2009 4:44 pm ET
I am a wealthy Arab. I invest heavly with American health insurance companies. This DEM proposal on health care insurance will undermine my portfolio in that the Health insurance companies will not make sizable profits and pay me the will deserved dividents that I deserve. I ask all Americans to rise up and stop this insane proposal dead in its tracks.

This guy wants more money from a corrupt system! Nice. To think the GOP is threatening to filibuster a Senate debate on this issue is comical. Wasn’t it the GOP who wanted to outlaw the filibuster when the Democrats took control in 2006? How can any Senator not justify a debate on this issue?

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6 comments to Undermine my portfolio?!

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  • Scott Hazard

    It’s just common sense. With so many people making so much money on our healthcare system, while adding little or no value, it’s no wonder it’s a mess and opposition to change is so strong. It’s been a source of lots of easy money for lots of these kinds of people for way too long.

    And, Gary, if you are to label yourself, you need to label yourself correctly. Anyone who is for this change is a SOCIALIST. A label I can live with :)

  • This guy is an idiot.. Or is he? If we keep allowing him and so many other to profit from this so called health care system then who is really the idiot.

    Anyway i’m not going to get in a long debate about this. Our health care system is in DESPERATE need of reform. I have no problems with this. My only problem is, there are many avenues we can take that doesn’t involve the govt. Republicans have ignored it for years and now ONLY cause the Dems have a bill, they suddenly have one…

    Before any attempt for a govt run health care system is in place, EVERY other avenue must be exhausted. Our SS system is messed. Medicare is messed.. I could go on an on and the one common factor is they are all programs ran by the govt.

    Anyway, this was a pretty funny find Gary.. I had a pretty good laugh over that guys post. Hope all is well, tell the fam i said hello.

    oh and btw, i don’t think your wimpy. I think you have beliefs and you go with them. Can’t knock a man for that. :)


  • There is too much doom and gloom over social security…a perfect example of how things get presented out of context (and propagated) by politicians or so called “journalists”.

    SS is not in trouble any time soon, and that’s with Congress doing nothing at all about it. If they do take action…by first addressing the overall rise in health care cost and corruption…then things look much different.

    “In short, invocations of doomsday scenarios in which we are to believe that Social Security will go belly up and disappear are – even in the context of today’s deep recession – utterly false.” -Neil H. Buchanan, J.D. Ph. D. (Economics – George Washington University)

  • Scott K

    Just saw this article and remembered this blog post where you claimed there was too much doom and gloom over social security.

    “No one has officially announced that Social Security will be cash-negative this year. But you can figure it out for yourself, as I did, by comparing two numbers in the recent federal budget update that the nonpartisan CBO issued last week.”

    Personally, I could care less about social security for myself because I’m not depending on getting one dime from it when I retire. Unfortunately, a lot of people have been conditioned to think of it as a retirement fund and currently do rely on it heavily.

    I’m not saying it will go under, but this is one of many reasons taxes are probably going to go way up soon. At least until conservatives get in power and start down down the long road to fixing all the damage the Democrats have done since they took over Congress in 2007.

  • I am not depending on SS either for retirement. There are always going to be taxes, and they are always going to go up, and go down, etc. That’s just part of the deal living here in this great country with all we have to be thankful for, and all we have access to. But we’re always going to have taxes so I tend to not get hung up on them too much. Yeah it sucks to payout so much to the gov’t, but it’s part of the deal and we live in a pretty damn good place so count me in.

    I actually just got my annual SS statement, and despite pretty much skiing from 25-32 and not making more than 10-20k a year during that time, I still have earned enough credits that the gov’t would provide a decent amount of money each month to my family if something were to happen to me. I would also get a good chunk of money per month if I became disabled right now. Every year those credits/benefits go up as I contribute more into the system. Now I’m not depending on it for retirement, but it sure is nice to know those securities are there for me now should I/or my family ever need them.

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