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Donna the Buffalo in Victor, ID!

Yes I make a habit of getting very excited whenever Donna the Buffalo comes anywhere close to Salt Lake City (or to SLC itself, which they do about once a year it seems, at least lately anyway). Here are a few related posts on SBP about our favorite band:

At any rate, I was checking out their site a couple of weeks ago to see if by chance they were coming around. When we were back east recently we had the chance to catch them in Rochester but we couldn’t swing it. I honestly didn’t think I would get to see them this summer, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that their tour schedule updated to include one show in Idaho, and one in Missoula, MT at the River City Roots Festival.


On Friday afternoon we’re off for Victor. Grandma and Grandpa McKenney are watching Ellie and the mutts for the night, which works out well because they live at about the half way point on the drive north. A big thanks to them again for the help. It’s going to be a special night as we splurged on a room at the Fox Creek Inn B&B in Victor. I’ll update the blog when we get back…hoping to get a few pics this time.

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