Steep – The Documentary

By | May 1, 2007

On March 9th I wrote a blog entry called ‘Spreading The Alta Love‘ in which I described a day of skiing with Skiing Guide Mike Doyle and his daughter Katie. It was a great day in Little Cottonwood. Alta was in classic blue sky form and we had a blast taking the mountain tour from Baldy shoulder to Catherine’s Area.

Well not only did I make a couple of new friends who love to ski, but I found a great source for some progressive skiing related news and content out there. A couple of weeks ago (sorry Mike it took me so long to post!) Mike sent me a link to an interview with the producer’s of Steep, a new documentary that premiers at the Tribeca Film Festival, going on right now until May 7th. I haven’t seen the film yet but the interview Mike sent me was enough to peak my curiosity. In the interview, released on April 20th through LX.TV, the producers Kayce Jennings (widow of Peter Jennings) and Tom Yellin discuss the nature of what drives big mountain skiers and base jumpers to test their limits.

The idea behind the project has merit but until I see the film myself I am going to reserve judgment. From the interview alone, it’s a hard for me personally to get drawn in. Why? Because there is a difference between film producers who like to ski and people who are skiers telling a story like this. Sure they produced the film and worked closely with people like Doug Coombs and Shane McConkey but I doubt they’ve ever skied a 100-day season and I doubt they’ve ever ski cut a slope that released underneath them before. I think the story line from a salty ski bum hippie from the Alta Lodge or P-Dawg on this subject would be just as compelling. Sorry Kayce and Tom, no offense 😉

There is an interesting discussion at the TGR forum. A lot of the Maggots seem to really like the idea of the film and there are some great reviews of the film from people who saw it: “Steep” The Documentary

Here is the Steep Trailer..

And here is the interview Mike sent me:

On this episode of Drinks W/LX, George Oliphant joins Executive Producers Kayce Jennings and Tom Yellin at Centrico to discuss their documentary Steep, premiering next week at the Tribeca Film Festival

Interview Permalink: Tribeca Film Festival Special: Steep

Take a look at the interview and trailer and share your thoughts.. GBM

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2 thoughts on “Steep – The Documentary

  1. kendall

    Did you watch the trailer? Did you not feel anything? I find it hard to believe that you, of all people in the ski world, didn’t feel a desire to watch more after the trailer. Sure, trailers have a way of distorting the entire film but that glimpse of Doug had my interest piqued. I posted it on my blog last week and have watched it multiple times.

    I think a good story teller can tell a story well even if they are not the salty Alta ski bum type. I’m calling this one innocent until proven guilty.

  2. GBM

    Hey Kendall, I did watch the trailer and it was touching. As I mentioned in the post I am curious to watch the film and I probably would really like it.. my commentary above was based on the interview I posted with the producers. I probably didn’t get my point across too well.. I am sure they did a great job telling the story, but if some of the poor ski bums in Alta had a multi million dollar budget they would tell the story just as good if not better (because they’re closer to the life of the subjects in their own reality..).

    Again, I don’t think I made my point very clearly so I hope too many people don’t take offense to what I said.

    Glad someone is reading my rants, though! I knew it wouldn’t take me long to get into trouble with this blog.. 🙂

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