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The Feral One Returns!

Feral defined: Having returned to an untamed state from domestication.

NINE DAYS ROAMING THE UINTAS!!! ..and she was waiting on porch when we returned from a weekend trip to Amalga.

“She has a nice gash on the inside of one of her back legs, and is hobblin’ a bit. But other than that she seems […]

5 Years Today

Seems like yesterday, but five years ago today (September 20, 2003) the Marcoccia family was formed. We were married on the lawn at the Alta Peruvian Lodge, with majestic Mt. Superior in the background. That day we stood before the Mayor of Alta, Utah (Bill Levitt at the time, and apparently we were the 50th […]

Where’s the BUM?!

Sorry. Not that anyone is really waiting for the apology, but I guess it just feels good to say it. So sorry again. I gave an honest go at trying to keep SBP updated on our adventure details from back east, but it just didn’t happen . (Danette did a great job documenting the trip […]