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Go Fishing Dick

Even a Bush appointed Defense Secretary agrees with the decision to shut down Guantanamo. I will reserve any more personal comment because I said I was done with political commentary on this blog.

What If

Post Edited: I am done with political commentary on this blog. If you are interested at all have a look at the video below. And if you could care less, don’t bother…

Dr. Paul’s already legendary “What If” testimony (February 12, 2009 C-SPAN) which has quickly been labeled as the greatest speech to congress in […]

In The Name of Love..

..Let Freedom Ring.

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It’s been fun…

I was asked recently to post why I support Obama/Biden, and I said I would. But I think this is getting to be a little too much, so I’m done debating politics on this blog.

Sorry all, but I’m going back to content about Utah powder skiing and fat skis. (specifically, my 09 Volkl Gotamas […]

Don’t mess with scientists, Senator McCain

Ok, so the other day I did a Google search for “SkiBumPoet” and started checking through the SERPs. I’m always curious about who’s linking to my sites, and (aside from some other suggestions in Google’s webmaster resources) this is a good way to find out.

I was amused to say the least that I found […]