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Seasons Greetings 2010

Be merry, and ask Jah for more snow! From our wee cabin in the Uintas, to your home wherever that may be, enjoy the season.

Thanksgiving Storm

It’s been blustery Graupel all day long at our place on the Wasatch Back. Alta is probably already in the thick of it, and this one is going for at least another two or three days. Check out the screen grab of the map below from November 20th 🙂

Anyone remember Thanksgiving 2001 in […]

Discrete Headwear: Caps & Beanies

Recently I was psyched to get my hands on a couple of Discrete Beanies, thanks to Julian (Julian’s Blog). I’m wearing one of them right now at the office…the Red Banger. Julian and team certainly run a class act over there. I’ve been seeing this brand around Little Cottonwood (and beyond!) for a while…after […]

From someone in the know…

Here is a little info from someone in the know, about the coming storm. Looks good…we sure could use it in the Wasatch. Looks like Wednesday morning might be the one…National Weather Service Alta, UT

Looks like its coming in right side up. The first foot is a little heavy- around 8% and the second […]

Ellie Crashes Her Sled

Actually, it’s all my fault. I crashed her sled. But don’t worry no how because she was laughing just after D shut off the camera. After all, she has to be able to teach her brother how to be rough and tough. In Ellie’s two.4 years she’s skied from Germ pass at Alta, sledded (to […]

It’s white again..

Another cold and wet storm moved through last night, leaving a blanket of early October snow in our canyon. This morning at dawn I heard what sounded in my dream like Ellie yelling “heyyyy”. When I woke up and looked outside I saw several mule deer, with one fawn yelling because it couldn’t reach the […]

Little Cottonwood Autumn

This is an incredible photo recently posted by the fine folks at Alta Ski Shop, via Facebook. Stunning…

First Snow 2009

We have three inches of snow from a cold and wet storm that came through Utah yesterday. Still chilly out, but sun is shinning and it’s sure to be a good day. Here is a pic from our front porch this morning. That’s about 20 miles line of site to Alta, where chances are good […]

Today’s Snow Report

Looking at another 15″ at the house. Just cleared the driveway. Check out the image below for the latest snow report from Alta…

Add Another 19″

The “dump” truck that hangs out at the base of Collins lift has been out a lot this past couple of weeks. Check out the latest snow report at

Current Conditions as of: Wed April 1st, 2009 at 04:30:00 PM

Settled Snow Depth: 162″ Snowfall (Past 12 hrs): 12″ Snowfall (Past 24 hrs): 19″ […]