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Vapor Light Winter Style

There are some memorable summer sunsets tucked away in my head. I have surely been touched the same way in winter months, but since I moved to Utah in ’98 the June/July sunsets stand out to me. If you’re a fan of day turning to night, then you have it made here.

On Friday, […]

Discrete Headwear: Caps & Beanies

Recently I was psyched to get my hands on a couple of Discrete Beanies, thanks to Julian (Julian’s Blog). I’m wearing one of them right now at the office…the Red Banger. Julian and team certainly run a class act over there. I’ve been seeing this brand around Little Cottonwood (and beyond!) for a while…after […]

Be loyal to winter..

Danette found (by way of The Wish Jar) an excerpt from a novel by Rick Bass. I really like this, and it has helped push through the winter here in Timberlakes.

Snowflake Image Thanks to

“There’s a point where you can give up on winter–when temptation can enter your soul, prying its way […]

Weather Watching from NY

That’s right. I’m in Ithaca, NY through the holidays. And then I have to go away for a while early next month for work. I won’t be back in Little Cottonwood until mid January. Oh well…

At any rate, I’m here at my folks Wasatch weather watching. Altafarians, how does this read to you?

AS […]