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Jamie Pierre

I did not know Jamie, but I felt compelled to post about him. Our LCC paths crossed here and there but now, based on some of the things I have read over the last few days, I wish I had the opportunity to know him better.

A down to earth guy who valued what was best for his family. Someone who wanted a quiet place with less distractions, less people and more skiing.

The quote above is from the write-up on an interview/farewell with Bomb Snow Magazine I just watched, on his recent new chapter in Montana. Of course the loss of any ski industry icon is devastating, and it seems to be happening way too much lately.

Powder Mag and Brent Benson also put together a great tribute featuring over a decade of photo slides from the Wasatch and beyond. Click the image below to read the story and view the slideshow.

Powder Magazine - Jamie Pierre Tribute
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