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Thanksgiving Storm

It’s been blustery Graupel all day long at our place on the Wasatch Back. Alta is probably already in the thick of it, and this one is going for at least another two or three days. Check out the screen grab of the map below from November 20th 🙂 Anyone remember Thanksgiving 2001 in Alta?

From someone in the know…

Here is a little info from someone in the know, about the coming storm. Looks good…we sure could use it in the Wasatch. Looks like Wednesday morning might be the one…National Weather Service Alta, UT Looks like its coming in right side up. The first foot is a little heavy- around 8% and the second… Read More »

Awaiting the Next Storm Ride

Patiently. Two years in a row now we have missed two huge Decembers at Alta. But such is life. We sacrificed killer storm rides and deep days so that my family back in NY could get to know Ellie better. It’s tough being so far away from them, but considering D’s from Cache Valley and… Read More »

Weather Watching from NY

That’s right. I’m in Ithaca, NY through the holidays. And then I have to go away for a while early next month for work. I won’t be back in Little Cottonwood until mid January. Oh well… At any rate, I’m here at my folks Wasatch weather watching. Altafarians, how does this read to you? AS… Read More »

Alta Got Pounded!

Yep, it’s on. Alta is reporting 34 inches on their site today…and the lake affect bands are still lined up. There are some good pics posted. Check them out. Cars are buried. Once they archive those pics I’ll grab the references and post here. I also started a thread at the Altacam Skiing Forum just… Read More »