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Alfred, NY Conflagration

I was sad to learn yesterday that businesses and student apartments were destroyed on North Main Street in Alfred…the small town in Alleghany County, NY were I went to college. NO ONE WAS HURT although 13 students lost everything…not to mention the long standing businesses that were destroyed.

This is especially difficult for me because […]

Here’s an Avett Brothers Fix

The Avett Brothers Tiny Desk Concert for NPR Music

This is a bit long from NPR Music, near 16 minutes. But do yourself a favor and watch at least the first 5:41…seriously. The description on the YouTube page for this clip kind of says it all. Enjoy…

With all due respect to its terrific albums […]

Flu Prevention Tips

Received this email from a friend recently, and thought it was interesting enough to post on my blog. Regardless of where you stand on the H1N1 vaccine, you should take a few simple steps to try and prevent infection in the first place…Dr. Vinay Goyal seems like a smart dude ;))

Prevent Swine Flu […]

Sage run ‘tings..

Talk about stepping it up. Just happened to stumble upon one of Sage’s latest clips from the new TGR stuff, and he has once again blown us away. We went searching for some more, and found four total that TGR leaked out already…that I thought to share here. Two of my favorites are embedded below, […]

Used Skis & Evo

Paying full sticker is for suckers! Although it used to be more of a challenge for me (no Internet deals to turn to, no friends who were “skilebrities”, etc.), I always made it a priority to find the best buys possible on gear. Not to mention the fact that to pay retail was down right […]

It’s white again..

Another cold and wet storm moved through last night, leaving a blanket of early October snow in our canyon. This morning at dawn I heard what sounded in my dream like Ellie yelling “heyyyy”. When I woke up and looked outside I saw several mule deer, with one fawn yelling because it couldn’t reach the […]

Little Cottonwood Autumn

This is an incredible photo recently posted by the fine folks at Alta Ski Shop, via Facebook. Stunning…

First Snow 2009

We have three inches of snow from a cold and wet storm that came through Utah yesterday. Still chilly out, but sun is shinning and it’s sure to be a good day. Here is a pic from our front porch this morning. That’s about 20 miles line of site to Alta, where chances are good […]