Ski Bum Poet™ is the Powder skiing and lifestyle diary of a Utah skier.

In January of 2007 I started to publish my musings, or otherwise “rant” about my ski bum and recent lifestyle experiences as a long time Alta (Utah) pass holder. From daily ski grind (just about every day, at-Alta) to music, I’ve kept it going now for several years.

What began as a self-teaching experience for learning WordPress has turned into a growing channel that allows me to engage an audience as passionate about skiing, active and sustainable lifestyle as I am. Thank you for reading!

@GaryMarcoccia (email: garymarcoccia@gmail.com)

Westward Ho Alta


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Influencer Marketing for The Outdoors.

Outdoor brand builder, entrepreneur and web publisher. By way of several affiliate marketing businesses, and as a content creator since last century, my interests have pivoted to influencer marketing and the platforms that bring it all together.

Gary M (gary@gravityfed.com)

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