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MLK 2014

Six minutes of music, thought and reflection on this Martin Luther King Day 2014 is not a lot to ask, right?

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day 2011

From the comment thread @YouTube… “the definitive version of this song”

The Ballad of Love and Hate, Live at Memorial Hall

Jeb & Tara :)

“From the film ‘We Got That Fiyo’ of the Festival International 2010 event in Lafayette, Louisiana.” At :27 the YouTube vid switches to just Tara & Jeb unplugged. I have to put a “Music” category on SBP.

It’s Love Time

Hopes & Dreams

“Is peace and love too much to ask?” Here is a soothing seven minutes with “Jeb & Them” performing Hopes & Dreams at @Grassroots, 2010.

Hey there you, What’s your claim

My suggestions is to watch the entire 7:53. Makes for a good (and angry) music fix…at least for me it did.

If You Only Could–za-LjDDY

“roots oh the roots”

Missing Ithaca…Arthur jogged my memory tonight of some good times with Sim Redmond Band. The title of this post is an excerpt from the comment thread on the YouTube clip 😉


You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Latest DtB Fix

Haven’t even finished watching this in full yet, but felt compelled to post. Keepin’ it real as always. Gotta LOVE Donna the Buffalo. Aside from family and friends, they may be the most influential force from the Ithaca area I miss…(not discounting phat growing seasons and lotsa lakes)


You need […]

Here’s an Avett Brothers Fix

The Avett Brothers Tiny Desk Concert for NPR Music

This is a bit long from NPR Music, near 16 minutes. But do yourself a favor and watch at least the first 5:41…seriously. The description on the YouTube page for this clip kind of says it all. Enjoy…

With all due respect to its terrific albums […]

Lay Down Your Burdens

We’ve been getting to know The Avett Brothers band (and family) over the last several months. So I thought I would post a couple of my favorite song clips from YouTube that I’ve found so far. This is the same song, “Down by The Riverside”, on both clips. This was originally recorded by Louis Armstrong […]

My DtB Footage

Here is a follow up to my last post about the Donna show in Victor at the Knotty Pine. I would have followed up earlier but Danette beat me to it about our trip in general to the Teton Valley, so I’ve been lazy. Well here is a short, three minute clip of “Broken Record” […]