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My Shadow is Gone

My lab/shepherd mix Chip passed away today. I had him put down by our vet, as he was in his last hours and in obvious pain. It was a quick turn for the worst, but I’m glad it went down that way. Last Sunday with friends we went on a several mile hike at Dutch […]

Ellie Crashes Her Sled

Actually, it’s all my fault. I crashed her sled. But don’t worry no how because she was laughing just after D shut off the camera. After all, she has to be able to teach her brother how to be rough and tough. In Ellie’s two.4 years she’s skied from Germ pass at Alta, sledded (to […]

2009 Alta Opening – Wed 11/25

Official word just came down via Lifts will be running Wednesday morning, so gear up hippies!

With the nice 10” weekend storm and the good snowmaking weather we will be ready to open this Wednesday at 9:15.

We will open with our Collins detachable quad, offering top (10,400′) to bottom (8,530′) intermediate and expert […]

The Daily POW

So we installed WordPress at AltaCam recently, but it’s not linked up from the site yet. I found the Panorama Theme by Themocracy from Underground Parent…and I think it’s damn sweet. I just customized the header graphic that came with the theme by using an array of ski photo contest winners over the last few […]

Vintage Alta POWDER

How about this Alta footage! You may have seen this last year on the AltaCam Ski Forum, but a few weeks ago Mark (the guy who shot the film in 1974) posted a new, high-quality version. The best part about this: Although there are more people and tracks nowadays, the blower pow hasn’t changed a […]

C’mon moon, we’re chasin’ Bunnies…

Every morning (well most every morning, anyway) Ellie, the dogs and I take a hike around our neighborhood in the Uinta Mountain foothills. She sits in her Kelty Kid Carrier, and I proudly pack her stumble-trippin’ through the woods and streams. We really enjoy this time when it’s quiet, and sometimes we even see the […]

Nov 20th Alta Opening

Powderhound (Jesse) posted to AltaCam about opening day recently, and the season is definitely closing in on us. With a good snowpak start in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Alta announced that opening day for the 2009-10 ski season will be November 20th. That’s on a Friday, so sneak out of work and come up and say […]