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C’mon moon, we’re chasin’ Bunnies…

Every morning (well most every morning, anyway) Ellie, the dogs and I take a hike around our neighborhood in the Uinta Mountain foothills. She sits in her Kelty Kid Carrier, and I proudly pack her stumble-trippin’ through the woods and streams. We really enjoy this time when it’s quiet, and sometimes we even see the moon set before the sun is out.

At any rate, this morning on our walk she repeated “C’mon moon, we’re chasin’ Bunnies…” over and over and over, in my ear…and I loved it every time she said it…

Moon Setting Over the Wasatch Cmon Moon!

Early Morning Moon Setting Over the Wasatch "C'mon Moon..."

Ellie Yelling Out Were Chasin Bunnies!!

"We're Chasin' Bunnies!!"

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