7 thoughts on “Generation Alta

  1. Andrew

    Such a great video! Amazing skiers! I love seeing people so dedicated to the sport and their favorite spots to shred!

  2. Gary M

    Andrew, thanks for checking out SBP today. The signal site is looking sweet. I am going to email you tmw about some stuff. GM

  3. Sarah

    This is a perfect ski video. Genuine people skiing and raving about skiing because they rise and fall by the beauty of the sport, not because their the best at it but because they just plain love it. I’ve never been to Alta, though I plan to make it there in the next few years, but these people make we want to find MY Alta…that place that you can see yourself skiing for 30 years, find yourself knowing everybody after 1 year and wanting to have your ashes rest their after you can ski no more…

  4. Henry

    Awesome video! Really great skiers. I would like to see more videos like this, really showing the skiers in their environment.

  5. Michael

    This is definitely an incredible video. Its not too often anymore that you see a ski video that highlights the beauty of carving down a face quite like this one. I miss this aspect in new school videos. It seems that the majority of them have faded towards jumps, cliffs and tricks. It refreshing to see a segment like that again.

  6. Dwight

    It has been way to long since my last trip to Alta, and I miss it. This awesome video brought tears to my eyes making me think back to when…

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