Alta Last Day 2009

By | April 24, 2009

Well “better late than never”…I think is how the saying goes. It’s been almost a week since we spent a great day in the sun at Alta with good friends celebrating yet another 675 dang deep inches of powder plus (and counting, as I type right now!). I did not spend any time this year at the top of highboy, but check out this photo we got with our camera. This shot was from the back of the GMD lot. I mean the back, right next to the boot pack up to the Peruvian Lodge. The zoom is not too shabby…

I wonder what the count is up there these days. At least a few hundred on High Rustler proper. I also saw gatherings at Punk Rock, at the Church and of course on Eddies. I did make a highboy pass on my last run. There wasn’t a snowball that came close. Bunch of hollerin’ drunks up on that rock 😉

I felt like a million bucks on my skis. Seems to be that way every closing day no matter how buzzed I get. Simply tapping into the energy of the day turns me into a super hero. I was goin’ backwards, doin’ spinny flips…all that. Haha. But seriously, it did feel good slushing around on fat skis.

The parking lot scene was a blast BTW. We set up at the back of the lot with Tom and Julie (Keller). The band Lake Effect actually set-up right next to us. It was real nice. Check out the vid clip below of a random Alta kid sending it off the snow mound piled up on the east side of the P-dawg lot (it’s a quick 5 second clip)..he gets worked a bit here but they sessioned that thing all afternoon and into the evening. And those kids were going huge and sticking huge mock ski tricks 🙂 I can bet they’ll be dreamin’ about the pow all summer..

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

And of course I have to include the show man of the party. Check out this dude. Gotta love the last day at Alta. See ya’ll on the hill next season, and stay tuned to my rants this summer!

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video
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