Sage Interview on AltaCam

By | December 17, 2007

Just another killer MP3 in the AltaCam Podcast series for the 2007-08 ski season. AltaCam is releasing these interviews every two weeks all season, and then the out takes during the summer months o 2008! JB is fine tuning his interview skills with each new release. From old time legends to the most popular skiers in the industry right now, Johnny knows how to get the info you want to hear/read!

From the digg submission: “Another AltaCam exclusive MP3 interview and transcript. This time Johnny B interviews Sage at his home at the base of Little Cottonwood Canyon in the Wasatch mountains of Utah. Read about Sage’s journey from Alta, Wyoming to the Alta Peruvian Lodge dish pit in Alta, Utah to international ski fame!”

Here’s a quote from the directly from the interview transcript itself:

Sage: Well I grew up at Targhee. I was on the ski team right away. I went to school and our school had a program that brought us skiing once a week. And so that was the original.

When I first started going out on skis, my mom took me out and the school is taking me out. And then I was on the ski team by 5th grade or so. And so the coach at the ski team really taught me the fundamentals of skiing. But Targhee wasn’t a really good race hill because we get so much pow similar to Alta, Utah and Alta, Wyoming. It’s same thing. Gets dumped on a lot.

After a while, after learning the fundamentals of skiing, it was really fun to get racing. It was like am I really going to slip this four inches of powder off the soft groomer so that I can race gaits or am I going to go ski around. My favorite memory is just once I started. I had that knowledge of ski fundamentals. And then it was just cruising around, skiing powder, jumping off stuff. And there was lots of good stuff to jump off at Targhee.

Read/listen to the full MP3 interview or digg this story. There is also a thread started on this interview in the Alta Ski Forum: Sage Cattabriga-Alosa Interview & Podcast.

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