The Art of Observation…

By | September 8, 2009

…and how my wife saved us over $300 by Eavesdropping. Yesterday we went down to Babylon (Orem, in this case) to take advantage of the killer sales at RC Willey. Although I hate Babyon, I will say this: It’s worth the trip to this retailer on Labor Day if you want to save some serious cash. Our goal was to buy a new mattress, box spring and bed…and we got it done. After all we have been sleeping on a cheap mattress on a home-made wooden bed frame for our whole married life (six years on September 20th). This is also my first brand new bed I’ve owned,  ever.

We also took advantage of the sale to buy a new flat screen, HD TV…considering for our whole married life we’ve been watching what little TV we do on a dozen-year-old, radiation box that probably uses more power than our refrigerator. We owed it to ourselves.

At any rate, while I was gabbing away with a fast talking salesmen about the differences with the 32-inch TVs, Danette was sitting there quietly getting the scoop on a different model that was over $300 less than the one “my salesmen” was pushing, and hard. She just sat quietly, observing…effectively over hearing another salesmen telling his customer what a good deal the Toshiba was. So thanks to D, her observation skills saved us over $300 smackers! 🙂

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