Best SKI Maps Ever

By | January 15, 2015

Check these out! Super excited with a collection of maps we came across from Best Maps Ever. It’s a great idea that compelled me to spread the word. The mapping artwork is incredible and the website is not too shabby. In fact have a look at the US Ski Areas and Resorts Directory…very cool data indeed!

Scroll through the photos below I took of the US and Utah ski maps spread out on a table.

Sidenote: Yes we plan to get a frame for both the US ski map and the UT ski map shown below. We’re just waiting for the next sale at the craft shop. Best SKI Maps Ever!

Here are a few words from the artist and owner when describing the maps…

Best Maps EverI spent the better part of 2014 working on a mapping project that has never been done before. I made a database that included every ski area (even municipal tow ropes with 100′ vertical) and designed regional posters for passionate skiers. –Derek Percoski



This heavyweight poster map features over 350 ski resorts throughout the United States…

And here is a closer look at Utah Ski Areas specifically..


This heavyweight poster is a comprehensive map of lift-served skiing in Utah- home of legendary powder skiing…

One last pic…just because it’s cool as hell and because it provides a snapshot of skiing history in the Northeast USA (home to the beginning of skiing in America)…


Close up of New England on the US map. There is a comprehensive map of lift-served skiing in New England- including everything from big resorts to municipal ski hills. Click the photo to see this map..

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