Camping Trailer Finally

By | May 16, 2009

We’ve been working hard at the KSL classifieds for a couple of months now, trying to find the perfect, small and low cost camping trailer. It’s mainly to keep the wee one off the ground sleeping, but I have to be honest…I’m kinda looking forward to a queen mattress for camp nights for once. Must be getting old 😉

Today was rough b/c we had a tent trailer in our sites. It was a Viking “Mini Gasser” and it was compact and about 750 lbs with a cargo storage unit on top. Told the seller at around 10am that we were interested, and would be there in around two hours (as we are about an hour drive from SLC). By the time we got to Salt Lake it was gone.

The day ended up really good though. Not only did we head downtown for the Living Traditions Festival (for lunch YUM), but we hung out with a few friends after we have not seen in a while.

At any rate check out this little camper. It’s 10 feet long and no used turd receptacle. This is a cropped pic direct from the ad, and here is the description that was posted with the ad photos:

This is a great trailer. I will post pics of the inside later this evening.

It has 3 types of lights
-shore power (works)
-12V (works)
-Propane (works)

The Heater and Stove work both great (I know I used them last night!!)

This trailer has a sink, fridge, storage. Two very large benches which turn into a great sized bed (larger than a queen).

There is all a fold down twin size bunk.

The trailer has newer 15inch rims.

I rewired the harness and installed new marker and tail lights (LED BABY!!)

As you can see in the pics this thing pulls perfect behind a pickup and would compliment a jeep perfectly.

Sold. Sick of fartzing around looking for one of these. Time is money shopping around everywhere for days and miles on end. Get ‘er done. Plus now I can remove the damn live RSS bookmark for the ad category at KSL from my Firefox toolbar! Made the deal over the phone and we’ll have it hitched up by 9am, with a quick pit stop on our way to Cache Valley for a day visit with family.

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