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By | June 28, 2007

Check it out.. wanted to mention an article I wrote for my job that outlines effective link building campaigns for your web site by using online press release distribution services like PRWeb.com. This has been our secret sauce as a new company. I just checked AvantLink’s history at PRWeb and we’ve produced and distributed 17 articles in the last 18 months at 200 smackers a pop. Seems like a lot of money but the ROI we’ve seen from branding our company as an authority in the “performance based marketing for merchants” space makes it a no brainer. Yes, we are the authority. Take a look at the results, to wit: over 92,000 results for the search term AvantLink in Google. Not bad for a company that started out in October of 2005!

Here’s a snippet from the article:

Once your press release is published, many news and related websites will pick up your article. Don’t be satisfied with just this. Blog about your press release, linking directly to the news source with a trackback URL. You can also post your news to different social bookmarking sites and social networks. Finally, add a Press Room to your site where you can feature the article.

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