Snowbasin Pow

By | February 10, 2009

Last year on Martin Luther King day, which was of course a Monday, we went to Snowbasin and nailed it. NAILED IT. I still had not gotten past that day last year as one of the best of all time, until this past Monday…when we nailed it yet again at one of the still hidden gems of Utah skiing. When it’s on at Snowbasin, it’s really on. It was a little hard to see yesterday, but the snow was deep. And there were hardly tracks to cross, until 2 or 3pm anyway.

What I like most about the place is the vibe. No attitudes, no one racing for it and no obnoxious bass thumping trunks in the lot at 9am. We did get a wiff of some dank smelling kind bud, when walking in the lot past a traveling ski bus with Washington plates on it, though. Haha. Those dudes knew where to drop anchor for a few days (I checked this morning and another foot of snow last night at the basin).

After moving to Utah from Ithaca, NY in 1998, I likely passed the 1000 day ski mark in Little Cottonwood Canyon sometime in the last few ski seasons. Had some incredible days at Alta, which goes without saying. But I’ve NEVER had so much freedom to move and express myself as I have had now for two years straight at Snowbasin. Huntsville, UT eh? Ellie might be able to have a quality childhood in a place like that 😉

A few more storms are still lined up for the Wasatch, so go get some.

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