Okah The Mastiff

By | September 24, 2008

It’s a sad day for my folks back in Erin, NY. Their beloved “Okie” is going to be put down. She’s old for her breed, and she’s displayed strength and perseverance for many months (fighting cancer). I have to be honest, but I didn’t think the old girl was going to last this long. I never lived at home while Okah was a part of the family, but we’ve had our bonding and fun times. And I had my good bye moment with her as well, back in the Spring when we were visiting NY.

As I post this tears are being shed. It’s around 1pm eastern time, when the veterinarian was coming up to the house. I know it’s tough Mom and Dad, but feel comfort in knowing what a good life you gave her. It’s been a tough year with pets for you guys.

Above is a picture of Danette and Okah in 2002, when she was at her prime.

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