Swany Ski Gloves and Me

By | January 29, 2009

Author’s note: You can buy these, and other quality ski gloves from Backcountry.com..

I’m a creature of habit. I’ll pick a product I like and stick with it long term. Sometimes until it’s discontinued by a manufacturer. Never really had any first hand experience with Swany Ski Gloves until recently. And I may just be addicted to another product for life. 🙂 Put simply, I’m lovin’ these gloves!

Specifically the APOLO (NFX-5) from the Flexor line, and the Swany X-change II Ski Glove from their Sports Utility Crossover Collection. I’ve been using both sets of gloves for a few weeks now, in full blown Alta storm rides, Timberlakes sled neck gatherings and more.

With the APOLO Ski Glove it was cool to apply the Nikwax waterproofing wax (came with) the night before they were put to the test in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Reminded me of prepping a new baseball mitt. It was a cold day of skiing, and Alta was reporting 40 inches in 48 hours. Not too shabby. I’m lucky, my hands usually stay warm…so no worries there. What I liked about these gloves: 1) They are BURLY. They aren’t going to rip & tear from holding on to the transfer tow cable, or a tree in Windy Point, and 2) They are MEAN. The “Molded Knuckle” armor intimidates all knuckle draggers one might come in contact with. Solid A for these.

For the X-change II, I notice the “Uni-pull cuff” right away…and I liked it. Sealed things up nice and tight. Although I must add now that I’m not really into bells and whistles. Like for example the “utility heat pocket” is one of the features with this glove. Sorry, but I just can’t be bothered with something like that. Overall though B+ on these suckers. Kind of a more leisurely glove all around, but regardless Swany has the goods.

I’m really psyched to have the opportunity to review both. For more info visit SwanyAmerica.com. To purchase Swany and other ski gloves, check out Backcountry.com.

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