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New Year’s Blue Moon

We have a New Year’s Blue Moon. And there’s powder snow at Alta. Not too shabby, eh? I heard this story on NPR this morning on my way to the office: A Blue Moon is a full moon that is not timed to the regular monthly pattern, and results in two full moons in one… Read More »

From someone in the know…

Here is a little info from someone in the know, about the coming storm. Looks good…we sure could use it in the Wasatch. Looks like Wednesday morning might be the one…National Weather Service Alta, UT Looks like its coming in right side up. The first foot is a little heavy- around 8% and the second… Read More »

Pay the price..

I’ve paid the price two times in two days on high boy. It’s been good exploring on low snowpak. That’s important at Alta. When the powder comes you can take all you want, but always be willing to pay the price when there’s none.

Town of Alta, UT

People who read Ski Bum Poet generally know all about Alta and Little Cottonwood Canyon. Yep. But some don’t. And for you folks, here’s a cool little write up on the area quoted direct from the Town of Alta website. It’s pretty much my dream to live up there full time one day…not own a… Read More »

Alta 16,000 Years Ago

When I first got to know my wife I was introduced to a world of rocks and ages that I never even considered up until that point. Danette studied Geology at USU and her passion for that science was contagious. I still always bug her with silly questions about Geologic time scales and rock formations.… Read More »