The Magnate has a new site…

By | January 24, 2009

Several years ago now I helped a friend get his photography site up, featuring his classic Alta pow shots and more. But as it goes, that site was entirely aged and outdated. So this week we worked together on getting a new site and images live on the web. Lee worked hard sorting and selecting a killer array of photos, and I built out the new site template and processed the images for the web. We’re using consistent sizing on the large displays for both the horizontal and vertical shots. And all large .jpg files are saved at 144 dpi.

It looks pretty damn sweet, if I do say so myself. And as always with stuff like this, there is beauty in simplicity. No annoying flash, just the goodness in its pure form. Click the screen capture below to check out his new site.
Shameless plug time: Don’t forget to get your Altaholics Anonymous shirt. Every Altafarian needs one 😉

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