The Turn Farmer

By | February 14, 2009

The latest from the AltaCam Podcast Series

Dave Van Dame has a rich history in Little Cottonwood Canyon. He’s got a very distinct style of skiing, where he puts in flawless track after track 18 inches a part…sometimes covering entire hillsides with the stamp of his work for days (even weeks) at a time. He’s admittedly “an elusive little critter”, but it seems that you can always find his handy work in and around Alta Ski Area.

AltaCam just launched an exclusive interview with Farmer Dave today. Once again, nice work Johnny B. In the interview Dave talks about how he developed his skiing style, as well as his very own system for climbing up hill between lap, after lap, after lap… 😉

Back in the day GravityFed actually published the Farmer Dave Profile, written by Bill Deleo. That piece got a lot of play over the years, thoroughly discussed on the TGR forums and other high profile skiing communities. Here is my favorite part from that article (originally published in 2001):

He is very thoughtful and well-spoken, and he speaks quietly. When asked about his past and himself, he holds his cards very close to his chest and tells me very little. He hesitates, looks around, laughs nervously and says, “Some of those things are pretty secretive and I tend to ski by myself a lot. Part of it is because I enjoy going at my own pace and I don’t typically stop. When I ski in the morning, I ski until I’m done and then go home.

There you have it. Just ski until you’re done. That’s all. Classic. 😉 At any rate, enjoy the podcast…

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