The Wasatch Delivers

By | February 26, 2007

What a sneak attack! Last night we drove to the airport in SLC to pick up my sister Sarah. Her and two friends are staying at the Peruvian Lodge Tuesday and Wednesday night. Dang did they time it right. We were “suppose to get a few inches in the canyons but no biggie on your arrival,” I said. Yep. No biggie. Ha.

When we left Heber valley it was just starting to snow and roads were wet only (8pm). We picked them up and after grabbing a few Burritos, to go, we started back east over Parley’s Canyon. This is where the knuckles started to turn white. Once we got above the East Canyon exit ramp it was carnage. Semis stuck, two wheel drive cars flailing soon to be stuck as well, and poor bastards off in the median. Plows were no where to be seen. This sucker caught everyone off guard. The conditions deteriorated all the way to our house with the top of I-40 between Park City and Heber being the worst of it. We pulled in to our drive way at Timberlakes 12:30am. A regularly one hour drive took 2.5.

Here is the result in LCC (Alta’s snow report that just posted):

Current Conditions as of: Mon February 26th, 2007  at 05:30:00 AM

  • Snowfall (Past 12 hrs): 13″
  • Snowfall(Past 24 hrs): 19 “
  • Snowfall this Season: 281″
  • Sky Cover: Snowing
  • Ridgetop Winds: Moderate W
  • Mid Mountain Temp(°F): 11°
  • Highway 210 Status: Temporary Closure: Estimated opening at 8:15 AM

Extended Forecast: Light snow expected today. A more potent storm will increase winds and bring heavier snow beginning Monday night. This storm will last into Tuesday. Storm total accumulations of up to 2 feet are possible through Wednesday.

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