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Country Club Feb 27th Alta

It was a country club day in the canyon and I missed it. So it goes sometimes. I had every intention of skiing from around 10am until 2pm but on our way over we found out the Cottonwoods had closed down for avalanche control work from UDot. By the time we got up the road […]

The Wasatch Delivers

What a sneak attack! Last night we drove to the airport in SLC to pick up my sister Sarah. Her and two friends are staying at the Peruvian Lodge Tuesday and Wednesday night. Dang did they time it right. We were “suppose to get a few inches in the canyons but no biggie on your […]

Feb 24th Alta

This post is a day late, but better late then never. When I think back on Saturday, Feb 24th I’ll think of one thing and it won’t be powder or blue skies. It’ll be TRAFFIC. I have never seen the canyon as full of people and cars as it was yesterday. From what I understand, […]

Best 2007 Storm Ride Yet

I pulled into Alta around 9:30am on Friday the 23rd. I took my time leaving yesterday morning. And the drive was slow as she goes. I-40 from Heber to Park City wasn’t too bad. Parley’s Summit wasn’t so bad, either. But when I hit I-215 in the Salt Lake Valley it slowed down big time. […]

Wasatch Mountain Storm Cycle

Time for a good ‘ole Little Cottonwood Canyon pounding. It’s already started and I am getting ready to head out the door now. (5:36am). This is the first in a series of storms that are expected to impact Alta over the next week or so. The radar mosaic pictured here is a still screen […]

Arcteryx Jackets & Outerwear

Most active people have their outdoor apparel and gear of choice. You find what you like, what fits right, what’s durable and long-lasting; and as far as skiing and other winter sports, what keeps you warm and dry. I have had the fortune of trying out many different winter outerwear products over the course of […]

2007 N.Y. Lake Effect Snow

I come from New York state. We grew up in the town of Horseheads to be specific. Horseheads is centrally located on the Southern tier of the state near the border of Pennsylvania. When I was young, I remember 3 foot dumps, demolition derby sledding, snowmobiles, building jumps for our cross country skis, and even […]

Utah Avalanche Advisory Podcasts

This year the Utah Avalanche Center (UAC) added a new distribution method for their daily advisories using MP3 files available from their web site. Click Here for the Web Audio Advisories. This adds MP3s to their already robust distribution techniques including email notifications and a toll free phone number. The podcasts are generally 3-6MB […]

The Wasatch in February

OK time to get caught up. I mentioned a change in the air back on February 6th. By that I was referring to a much needed change over the western US, where a high pressure ridge sat and in fact strengthened over a 45 day period from around mid December through, well, now. Yep, I […]

Turn That Shizzle On

OK things are starting to come around. I was a working junkaholic today so I didn’t get any powder, but I just talked to Johnny B and he said it was one of those surprise days when it piled up fluffy like we know if can in LCC. JB confirmed what the magnate told me […]