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Sage Interview on AltaCam

Just another killer MP3 in the AltaCam Podcast series for the 2007-08 ski season. AltaCam is releasing these interviews every two weeks all season, and then the out takes during the summer months o 2008! JB is fine tuning his interview skills with each new release. From old time legends to the most popular skiers […]

Trip Episodes 2, 3 and 4 (and more) to come!

I posted Episode 1 of Ellie’s first road trip, but as can be expected I am a little frazzled what with the drive across country, two dogs, a baby and one ice storm 🙂 so I’m a bit behind on the trip reports! I do plan to catch up, though. Lots to report, but so […]

Exclusive AltaCam Interview – Alan Engen

The 3rd in many this winter, this AltaCam exclusive is one you should definitely check out. Talk about some inspirational stories and classic times! Johnny B does a great job talkin’ life and powder skiing in Little Cottonwood Canyon with Alan Engen. Can you imagine charging untracked powder all day in the 50s and 60s […]

Ellie’s First Road Trip, Episode 1

Well it’s on. Our cross country road trip has begun, and the plan is to stay with the Marcoccia’s in Erin, NY for the month of December. It’s been several years since I was home for the holidays. The year before Danette and I were married we went to NY for Christmas, and we haven’t […]