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Okah The Mastiff

It’s a sad day for my folks back in Erin, NY. Their beloved “Okie” is going to be put down. She’s old for her breed, and she’s displayed strength and perseverance for many months (fighting cancer). I have to be honest, but I didn’t think the old girl was going to last this long. I […]

5 Years Today

Seems like yesterday, but five years ago today (September 20, 2003) the Marcoccia family was formed. We were married on the lawn at the Alta Peruvian Lodge, with majestic Mt. Superior in the background. That day we stood before the Mayor of Alta, Utah (Bill Levitt at the time, and apparently we were the 50th […]

2008-09 Alta Ticket Pricing

You know winter is starting to close in when Alta Ski Lifts posts the cost for their lift tickets and season passes for the 2008-09 ski season. No change to the cost of the season pass, but the day pass increased by 5 bucks.

Jesse posted the specifics to AltaCam recently:

This years day […]