Locked and Loaded

By | November 17, 2008

We went up to get our passes this morning. This is my 10th ski season as an Alta pass holder. Danette didn’t think her picture looked good, but I think it’s fine. She always looks good. Mine on the other hand…yikes. I just can’t seem to get my pass portrait right, ever. About the best picture I have had for a ski pass was the orange one in the header above. And if you look at it closely, I’m looking straight up so all you can really see are the whites of my eyes. Ha.

We’re not going to get one of those 100 day seasons of the past under our belts this year, what with Ellie now and all. But I can tell you that we’ll be in Little Cottonwood Canyon as often as we can. And we’ll enjoy every minute of it! And this winter Ellie will definitely be skiing (on my back in her Kelty carrier, anyway). A walk up the summer road, and a cruise down Albion basin with my little girl. The wind and sun on our smiling faces. Now that’s what I’m looking forward to.

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2 thoughts on “Locked and Loaded

  1. Erin Alberty

    Way to stay in the mountains with the kiddie. I just moved here last year and started learning to ski. I kind of figured the event of babies might someday put a temporary end to my outdoor pursuits. But I keep meeting people who manage to take the little ones with them into the hills. As a native Iowan who has to learn all mountain skills at age 30 (lean forward and downhill, are you kidding?!), I promise that Ellie will thank you for bringing her outside!!


  2. Gary M

    Hey Erin, Thanks for the nice comment. We live at the base of the Uinta forest, and our neighborhood is perfect for daily hikes. 9 out of 10 mornings we get at least an hour hike in the woods, with our dogs. Ellie was mimicking birds chirping and singing at around 8 months. And now at 15 months she’s basically singing in the pack. Sun, clouds, cold, warm…even snow, we get her out and I think you’re right. She truly appreciates the fresh air đŸ™‚ BTW really like you’re blog. I’m gonna link you up to my blogroll.. Gary M

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