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  1. Brett Pharis


    My name is Brett Pharis, I am a board member of the University of Utah OneLove Ski and Snowboard club. We aim to give students a way to enjoy the snowsports arena at discounted rates, with good friends, in a fun environment. With over 1,000 members and a strong set of sponsors, during its first 3 years, OneLove has put on some of the biggest ski and snowboard movie premiers in the valley, created an outlet for students to get out meet and people, formed a close knit community of riders on campus, and saved our members hundreds of thousands of dollars. I would like to propose a link swap to benefit OneLove’s site, as well as your own, and to continue build reputability online and within the snowsports community!

    Thank you for your time and consideration!

    Brett Pharis
    U of U OneLove Ski and snowboard Club
    208 830 2037

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