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  1. hmmm

    Thanksgiving 2001 was my first year in Salt Lake. I remember it starting thursday morning and slowly picking up for the rest of the day. We drove up to Alta friday morning, they closed the Area to uphill traffic so we started booting up Patsy Marley, never even made it too far, and then when we dropped in it was too deep to make any turns. Skied Snowbird the next day, it was deep, but only MidGad was open and it was still pretty weedy.

    The following Tuesday we got to ride the lifts (a couple of days before they opened) as part of some University class. We were prohibited from venturing further then Fred’s trees, but we would hide in the bushes and bomb past Race Coarse looking for goods. The instructors gave up controlling us after 2 runs and eventually just made us meet up at the bottom of Germaina. Good times! Thanks for bringing it up.

  2. Art H

    Oh my last year up canyon living at GMD. Just before Thankgiving the place was bone dry. Then it started snowing and we got 100 inches in 100 hours! The GMD owners made the mistake of going down canyon at the begining of the strom only to get stuck down there. Two days in we had gotten the keys to the roof the the GMD and we were hucking off it. Thankfully I had spotters cause when I landed the only thing above the snow was my extened up hands. A couple days later and one the the first chairs the season was off to an amazing start the whole mountain was filled in, had to be the best opening day ever!

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