Altaholics Unite!

By | November 26, 2007

I’ve got some exciting news for Altafarians. Until now you’ve only been able to get yer hands on one of these classic t shirts while in Alta skiing it up, well is now open for business! Buy Lee Cohen’s famous Altaholics Anonymous shirts online, quick and easy. The magnate himself has set up the store, and will be fulfilling your orders for the time being. So have at it. Here’s the story…

In December 1983 Alta got it’s one month record of 244 inches and members of the Creek Road House were in the midst of enjoying a most gratifying streak of voluntary unemployment.

After continuous days of faceshots and copious amounts of blower pow I turned to my buddy Duff and said “We are such #!*!# Altaholics.” We knew we had something. It took a year to do it but after much babbling the first Altaholics Anonymous Tees were finally made. -LC

For more info & to buy some shirts visit…

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