GravityFed Classic: “Tele Freeride – Undiscovered by Aliens”

By | November 24, 2007

Alright havin’ a little fun again with the old GravityFed classics. These articles I find and post are from back in the day, as they say ;). I always get excited when I stumble upon one of the great custom stories that were submitted to GravityFed pre-dot com bubble burst of 2001…and this is exactly what happened tonight. I found the old story, added it to GFed, then I posted to digg and Propeller. Here’s the snippet from

The “Essence of the no pole movement.” This is an article pulled from the deep archives of the early GravityFed Network. It’s an entertaining read, and true look at a sub-ski culture, within a sub-ski culture at Alta. I wonder if these characters are still charging around the Wasatch!

Read the article at Gravityfed or digg this shizzle.

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